Healthierpost Inc Releases Consolidated Findings of Top Researchers Into Raspberry Ketone Diet


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 --, health and wellness website released consolidated findings of studies into Raspberry Ketone Diet. The studies focus on expression and release of Adiponectin and metabolic derangements.

With increasing interest in Diet programs, Raspberry Ketone has firmly become the most popular diet since Acai Berry. The benefits though have come under scrutiny, largely due to rumors on diet portals relating to actual functioning and potential side-effects. “Since 2000, there have been many sporadic scientific research and studies into Raspberry Ketones and it is impossible for a customer to go through them all. In order to help with health decisions, we have consolidated the findings of the all these studies in one page. Efforts like this will also help us in establishing our brand as scientific diet program provider” says Mr Lee, official spokesperson of

Most of these findings agree that Raspberry Ketone increases secretion of Adiponectin. Hormone Adiponectin is primarily responsible for glucose and fatty acidcatabolism. Further the research has found inverse correlation between levels of Adiponectin and body fat percentage. Adiponectin has also proven to control metabolic derangements which may result in Type-2 Diabetes, obesity, fatty level disease and metabolic syndrome. Most researchers have thus concluded great promise of Healthier Raspberry Ketone in fat burning and as overall health improvement supplement. “The research into Adiponectin and its effects on metabolism are of great scientific interest and although the initial findings are positive, more research into conclusive evidence is underway” informs Mr Lee.

To further augment the benefits Healthier Raspberry Ketone Diet comes with African Mango, proven to reduce diet appetite to acceptable levels, burn fat and to regulate leptin. Further Resveratrol, a component of HealthierPost Raspberry Ketone Diet has proven to increase effectiveness of antioxidants contained in raspberries.

Initial studies into side effects of raspberries haven’t found any conclusive evidence. But test samples have indicated cases of people being allergic to raspberries itself. “More research in this area is underway. At present unless a person is allergic to raspberries, they need not worry about side effects” concludes Mr Lee.

About HealthierPost’s Raspberry Ketones is a US based company in health and wellness space. The company is primarily focused on Diet products, skin and hair-fall treatments and anti-ageing. Healthier Raspberry Ketone is company’s proprietary product and has won critical acclaim in leading health forums and diet enthusiasts.

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