Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants of 2013

The results are in for the voting of America's healthiest fast food restaurants for the year of 2013.


Tuscaloosa, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- The results are in for the voting of America's healthiest fast food restaurants for the year of 2013. By a large winning margin, the fast food restaurant that was voted the healthiest in America is Subway. According to this most recent poll. Read more.

Besides Subway, the other top votes for the healthiest fast food restaurants in order of winning votes include Petro Iron Skillet, TA Travel Center, Burger King, Wendy’s, and McDonald's. Votes were cast in 33 states throughout the United States.

The company that conducted the poll, EveryTruckJob acquired the results from drivers around the country. “EveryTruckJob’s professional truck drivers were polled on their healthy eating habits as they spend significant time on the road,” said CEO Mark Reidenbach of EveryTruckJob.com.

Many people visit different fast food restaurants every year, especially when traveling the highways, and having a healthy eating choice is very important. Americans want to eat healthier with food choices such as nutritious salads, healthy soups, and calorie counting desserts. As Americans are becoming more health conscious, corporate restaurants are trying to provide a healthy alternative to fatty foods usually found on fast food restaurant menus. Advertising is one of the main ways to get the word out about new healthy eating options.

An example of a great weight loss story comes from the winner. Subway created an advertising campaign around a customer named Jared from Cincinnati, Ohio. Jared lost a tremendous amount of weight by eating healthy sub sandwiches purchased from Subway, and became famous because of this. There is even a "Subway Diet" that offers seven different Subway sandwiches with each of them having less than seven grams of fat.

Subway is leading the way in marketing healthy selections in the fast food industry, but every major fast food chain is making strides in offering these selections in their fast food restaurants as well. The Food and Drug Administration is encouraging restaurants to provide healthier food options for customers, even requiring them to post calorie counts and fat content on menu boards.

Healthy meals are available at every restaurant; Americans simply need to make better choices. There is no problem with eating at McDonald's from time to time but opt for the low fat/low calorie food items, which will result in a healthier person!

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