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A website dedicated to finding the perfect health insurance plans for all individuals, provides a range of insurance options for those in need.


Lakewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- Most people find it difficult to find the insurance plans that fits all their needs. To remedy the situation, has come up with various options to help their customers. The website has up-to-date information about the latest health insurance policies in the market. They provide health insurance quotes for customers seeking information about health insurance policies. Not all websites offer timely suggestions when customers are seeking information. Websites like are the perfect common platform for both customers and insurance service providers. They act as mediators between both the ends and give out important information.

The website categorizes health insurance in three types. Firstly, there are Co-pay plans. Co-pay plans refer to the traditional employer plans where in case of a medical emergency, the company covers 100% of the medical exam fees, a visit to the doctor's office and the prescription charges if the hospital falls under the company's medical network. If not, the patient's expenses will still be covered, but post deductions.

A second kind of health insurance plan is the Health Savings Account plan, which focuses on lower premiums for the policy holders. These plans cost much lesser than a traditional insurance plan. A third kind of plan is High Deductible plan, where the customer chooses the level of coverage that is apt for him or her. The customer here pays lower premium every month. The insurance company will not cover any medical emergency until the deductible amount is paid.

Apart from listing the above-mentioned plans, the website provides the means to compare the prices of different insurance providers. The prices vary greatly depending on the location of the customers. The customers have to simply provide their zip codes and the website provides a list of options for the customers to choose from. The website is a collection of the top service providers in the market.

All the customers need to do is fill in a one-time form, which is a page long and they can get access to the best health insurance quotes.

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