HealthPac's Medical Billing Software Increases Revenue and Saves Time

HealthPac has created high quality medical billing software that helps increase revenue.


Savannah, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- There are many businesses out there that spend a large amount of time sending customer’s bills. HealthPac has recently announced their medical billing software, which will cut the amount of time it takes to send bills in half. With HealthPac’s software, any office can go paperless. The software allows workers to scan any type of document or image they desire. If the system is server based, the documents will be stores on the server and if the company uses the ASP model, the documents will be placed on HealthPac’s servers. The software is customizable in order to make sure it fits the needs of every business.

Ambulance Billing Software

Ambulance Billing Software is great for any ambulance company. As an ambulance company, accuracy and automation is extremely important when it comes to increasing collections. HealthPac has created Ambulance billing software just for ambulance companies. The software not only automates the clerical side of the company, but also the management side. With the software, workers can now produce up to three times more than they usually would.

Physician Billing Software

Physician Billing Software is great for physicians. Physicians know how important accurate billing is in their medical practice. HealthPac has been working with physician and billing personnel for over 28 years. With the physician billing software, physicians can increase their collections.

Medical Billing Software

The Medical Billing Software created by HealthPac Computer Systems, Inc. was developed for those working in the medical industries. HealthPac has many years of hands on experience in the medical billing industry. When a medical billing company starts to use this software, they will save a great deal of time.

Features of HealthPac’s Billing Software:

- Super Client Feature
- Automated Patient Reminder
- Paperless Work Queues
- Bi-Directional HL7 Interfaces
- Dashboard Analytics

HealthPac’s billing software can help save time and money. They also have Anesthesiology Billing Software, which is great for those working in the field.

About HealthPac
HealthPac is the creator of high quality billing software. Their billing software helps companies save time and money.

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