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'Healthy Ageing for Women over 50' the Kindle Book Every Mature Woman Must Read


Randburg, Johannesburg -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- Betty Friedan who was an American writer, activist and feminist who was also a leading figure in the women's movement in the United States famously said:

“Ageing is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”

These were wise words from a wise woman. Another wise woman, Pamela Richards has written a compelling book to share her experiences of what life is like when you reach fifty and to share with women all over the world that reaching fifty is something to embrace and celebrate as well as enjoying the exciting future that is before you.

Inspirational author Pamela Richards, will debut her self help book titled “Healthy Ageing For Women Over 50” as a Kindle download giving you important information and advice at your finger tips. The self help book is a must read for any women over the age of fifty or any woman reaching the age this glorious age who is worried what lies ahead. This must read book is about rejoicing your new life and empowering your present and future life. The kindle book is now available on Amazon by clicking the following link:

Many woman who are reaching the age of fifty worry about what lies ahead, they worry about their children not needing them as much as well as worrying about health issues, they also worry about retirement and having too much time on their hands, unlike other self help books out there which have been written by people who have not experienced what life is like reaching fifty, Pamela Richard the author of “Healthy Ageing For Women Over 50” is sharing with you her life experience .

Diane Walker assistant editor of the popular lifestyle magazine called In2town said of “Healthy Ageing For Women Over 50”

“For a woman who wants to know what life is like reaching fifty and is worried about what lies ahead, Pamela Richards brings the pages alive with advice and wisdom on why fifty is the new 30. There has never been a book on the market that has truly captured what life is really like and how to turn what women may think is a negative into a positive. This book is not only empowering, it is also a bible every woman who is reaching or has reached the age of fifty should have”

This is a must read book that deals with general fears and concerns such as feeling less attractive, how to cope with changes in your life and choosing the right diet plan to stay healthy and fit as well as talking you through when and where you should go for check ups and the dangers of ignoring what your body is telling you.

Pamela Richards writes in such a friendly and positive manner that you feel she is right next to you, guiding you through the exciting times ahead.

This book will teach you that you should stop worrying about reaching fifty and embrace it, reaching fifty is the time for you to take back your life and enjoy your freedom and adventures that are waiting for you.

With Pamela Richards experience of what life is like reaching fifty, you will have a friend guiding you and giving you valuable information and answering questions that you may be afraid to ask, which includes questions on Cervical cancer screening and Breast cancer screening or Bowel cancer screening, this book which is available straight to your Kindle will guide you and show you that being fifty is the time of your life that you should be rejoicing.

About the Author: Pamela Richards
Pamela's goal as a writer is to share information with readers on a variety of popular topics to expand their own knowledge. As a woman over 50, Pamela shares some of her own personal experiences as well as inspire and empower women of her age or older to attain the correct mindset to plan for the future, and embrace aging gracefully. She resides in South Africa with her partner, two daughters and her cuddly cat Chloe.

Media Contact:
Pamela Richards
Randburg, Jhb