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Healthy Aging Habits to Develop and Maintain


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or obesity are often advised to make healthier food choices, incorporate daily exercise, refrain from smoking, and lose excess weight to improve their overall health condition. This advice, however, is appropriate for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle, not just those with a medical condition. With the focus in healthcare shifting from one of treatment to one of preventative measures, there are important steps you can take at any age or any health condition to stave off various conditions, and improve overall wellness.

For those in the 20-30-year-old age group, getting started in life and establishing habits early means more success with health goals later on. Learn to cook and grocery shop to prepare healthy meals for good nutrition, and continue any physical activities from college or other social activities. Exercises can change, but as long as activity is maintained health will improve. Follow appropriate guidelines for pregnancy and child-rearing if you are a woman, and model healthy habits as little ones watch those closely. Don’t forget to make regular health check-ups a habit to ensure conditions are caught early and can be fought off or prevented.

When entering middle-age, healthy food choices should remain a focus as well as continuing any physical activity programs. Life advancement often brings on extra stress, and therefore must be managed effectively. While exercise and nutrition can help, be sure to find a good support system through family, friends, or social networking. Make time for social engagement with family and friends to keep the mind working as well as the body.

As we enter our 60’s and later on, metabolism slows down causing decrease in energy. Healthy nutrition is essential to combat this, as is monitoring calorie intake. Physical activity can be changed according to energy levels, but must continue to maintain muscle mass and help prevent injury. Be sure to attend all recommended health screenings and general check-ups for monitoring of any conditions, and be a good role model for grandchildren or others who are watching.

Every stage of life has unique challenges, but the basics of health remain the same throughout. Regular medical check-ups, proper nutrition, and continued physical activity are essential to overall well-being and a long, healthy life.

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