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Healthy Back Chiropractic Aims to Heal Residents in Salem, OR


Salem, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2016 -- Dr. Patrick Owen and his staff at Healthy Back Chiropractic in Salem, OR run a comprehensive medical clinic. This medical clinic offers massage, nutrition counseling, chiropractic adjustments, and many more treatment options for its patients.

Dr. Patrick Owen is an experienced, educated, fully licensed medical doctor that specializes in joint, spine, and overall health and wellness. His aim is to take a holistic approach to health care. His remedies are medication free and start at the root cause of pain. He is concerned with the whole system, not just individual parts of it.

When a patient steps into Healthy Back Chiropractic, no matter the issue, if there is something that is found to affect the patient's health, if possible, it will be treated at this office. For example, if a patient is deficient in a nutrient that is not allowing for the best function of the muscular system, the doctor might recommend a vitamin or foods that contain that nutrient.

Patients at this office are given extensive evaluations and assessments to figure out the root cause of what ails them. The doctor evaluates lifestyle, medical history, injuries, daily routine, and gait for example. After the assessment, the doctor determines the best plan for treatment and therapy. Patients come into the office to seek help with weight, chronic pain, acute pain, fatigue, carpal tunnel, or auto accidents injuries to name a few examples. The patients that seek care here "often refer to [Healthy Back Chiropractic] in Salem as a Medical Clinic."

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About Healthy Back Chiropractic
Healthy Back Chiropractic is a medical clinic run by Dr. Owen in Salem, OR

Dr. Patrick Owen
Address: 1880 Lancaster Dr. NE Suite 107, Salem, OR 97305
Phone: 503-589-0700