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Healthy Bodies Also Lead to Healthy Brains


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Increasing studies have shown how important mental and cognitive health is to overall fitness. While being active is essential in improving cardiovascular and physical health, recent research has showed improvement in cognition, as well as mental well-being, in addition to the physical benefits.

Research conducted by Edward Laux, cofounder of BodBot, looked into how physical activity impacts neurological development and function. He found that regular physical activity requiring participants to concentrate on physical movements, learn routines, or focus on their breathing increased synaptic activity within the brain’s hippocampus region. The hippocampus is primarily responsible for memory, and the increased blood flow and oxygen consumption that happens during activity improved neuron function and decreased stress in the brain’s memory center.

Research also showed that physical activity increased cognition (thought processing), reaction times, and brain plasticity. Brain plasticity is the ability of the brain to adapt to change as a result of experience. The ability to gather and process new information gained during experience assists individuals with future decision making, and can increase emotional well-being if the experiences are positive and provide the individual with health and social benefits.

Coordination is improved through the rise in heart rate as a result of the physical activity. A study done by the University of Copenhagen confirmed even one session of exercise performed immediately before a new motor task helped improve retention of the task. The increase in heart rate allowed the brain to consolidate and store movement, enabling the body to easily perform the same action later. Aside from increasing motor ability and memory retention, exercise has been shown to boost creativity by freeing up space within the brain to allow for new experiences and ideas.

The healthiest body in the world still needs a healthy brain to function and interact with society. Making activity part of each day will increase physical fitness and mental well-being, ensuring a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle for all.

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