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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Offer New Healthy Eating Plans as an Alternative to Processed Foods Contributing to Diabetes Complications and America's Obesity Epidemic

Newly developed Diet Doc hCG diets and healthy eating plans focus on nutrient rich foods without high amounts of fat, sugar and salt found to contribute to diabetes complications and obesity.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- New Diet Doc hCG diets and healthy eating plans offer patients fast weight loss and an alternative to the unhealthy, processed foods contributing to diabetes complications and America’s obesity epidemic. The New York Times recently published an article reporting on a large meeting by many of the top producers of processed foods. These producers are concerned with the staggering obesity statistics facing Americans today and the impact that their processed foods have on the American public. Statistics show that more than half of the American adult population is now considered overweight and nearly a quarter of the American adult population fits within the clinical definition of obesity.

Presenters offered resolutions to the impact processed foods are having on the obesity epidemic including large-scale reduction of fat, sugar and salt in their products and creating a marketing code of ethics to be employed uniformly by all producers of processed foods. Certified Diet Doc nutritionists consult with in-house physicians to develop healthy eating plans based around reduction of these factors, high amounts of fat, sugar and salt, which contribute to diabetes complications and obesity. Diet Doc hCG diet plans offer the most comprehensive medical weight loss, providing patients with healthy eating plans designed specifically for their age, health history and gender. hCG diets not only offer patients the chance to reach their initial weight loss goals, they offer a change in eating habits and the opportunity to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

In an article just released by Everyday Health, Madeline Vann, MPH and Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH, reveal the worst processed foods for people with diabetes. Their research reviews unhealthy, processed foods high in sugar, salt, preservatives and fat that can lead to health problems for patients with diabetes. Unassuming foods, such as white rice, is inexpensive and easy to cook but is made with refined flour and offers little in the way of nutrition. Consuming white rice can also raise blood sugar levels and fill the body with preservatives. And, while research has shown that eating more fruits and vegetables can improve the health of those with type two diabetes, patients should be careful when choosing canned versions that can come with heavy, sugary syrup.

Patients participating in Diet Doc hCG weight loss diets and healthy eating plans learn how to eat healthy, nutrient rich foods and receive a recipe book featuring over fifty delicious, easy to prepare, recipes low in calories, fat, sugar and salt. By following hCG diets and healthy eating plans designed specifically for each patient in conjunction with prescription hCG treatments, clients can anticipate effective and rapid weight loss. After achieving their initial weight loss goals with Diet Doc hCG diets, patients will learn how to maintain their weight loss and minimize diabetes complications by developing healthy eating plans with a Diet Doc nutritionist and unlimited support consultations with Diet Doc physicians.

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