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Healthy Energy Drinks Face Uncertain EU Future Owing to Blurred Categorization


Kaunas, Lithuania -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- In the latest article on ‘healthy energy drinks face uncertain EU future’ released on MyDrinks, a lot is being talked about what factors constitute the categorization of drinks as healthy. Many things have changed over this in the past few months. A while back drinks with caffeine in them where banned from the list and, now the same is changing direction.

There is a lot hovering over this in and around the EU. In some countries, the presence of caffeine is considered a good enough proof to declare a drink as an energy drink, while in some other countries, mere presence is being considered an indication of vagueness. Some regulations demand that manufacturers are clearer about the content and percentage of caffeine present in their drinks. As there is so much discrepancy over the proper categorization of energy drinks in the continent, authorities feel company sales will be affected owing to the confusion created.

Adomas Pranevicius, CEO of MyDrink Beverages fears that because of the high level of difference in explaining and defining the parameters that make an energy drink, soon there will be trade drops being witnessed everywhere. The news article on ‘healthy energy drinks face uncertain EU future’ rightly points out that the health energy drink category has to be defined with common regulations followed in different countries in order to enable trade understanding and, to also help customers benefit from the transparency.

A common understanding should be arrived at to help trade continue without facing uncertainty. This is the sentiment that is being resonated all across the market and trade regulation authorities. To know more about this article and read it in full, you can log onto

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