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Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2015 -- Lifestyle disorders have become the biggest threat for this generation, and according to doctors, they show no signs of slowing down. Busy lives, poor dietary habits, smoking, drinking, and stress, together they create an environment which isn't conducive to good health. Science has been working overtime to try and counter this, and the answer according to a large percentage of nutritionists is supplementation. Science has helped isolate most of the necessary nutrients for healthy living and has made them available in easy-to-consume form.

Recognizing the potential market thrown up by this increasing interest in supplements, has relaunched their entire range with renewed focus on nutrition and supplementation. According to Marlene, who founded the site, there is a vacuum in the market for specialty sites which understand the needs of different age groups and lifestyles. Rather than a generic site which just has all the available products on its display carousels, a specialty site will allow people to make a more informed choice, she adds. One key reason for that is because most people who buy supplements don't do it the scientific way. They just see something they like, or listen to a recommendation of a friend or family member, and start using the same product.

Supplements are to be scientifically chosen. Rather than buying blindly, one needs to understand the lifestyle pressures their body is being put under, observe their diet over a period of a few weeks, and then identify the loopholes in nutrition by matching the lifestyle to the diet. Those loopholes have to be filled through supplements. Specialty nutrition sites have ample information about each supplement they stock and sell.

Reading through all the available information is of paramount importance. If there are medical conditions or if one is using medicines for whatever reason, checking with a doctor before beginning a supplement would not be out of place. Do your research in advance because a supplement is a long term product. It is not to be used for a month and then discontinued. Till there is a significant change in lifestyle, the supplement is best used continuously as your body can adapt to the additional nutrients and balance itself accordingly.

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Marlene mentions that there are several inaugural offers which have been announced on her site. Visitors can browse through the offers and choose suitable supplements at