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Healthy Trim Now Offering a New Edition of the Raspberry Ketone Supplement


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2013 -- For those who want to lose weight and need a little help from a weight loss supplement, need to take a closer look at the new edition of the raspberry ketone supplement from Healthy Trim because this weight loss supplement is much more than just the raspberry ketones, now a couple of extra powerful ingredients are added to boost your weight loss efforts even more.

Using raspberry ketone is a completely different approach to weight loss because instead of seeking to raise the dieter’s energy levels, the ketones are working on a hormonal level by naturally increasing the levels of the hormone called adiponectin in your body. This hormone is very important when dieters want to lose weight because it controls the speed of the metabolism, the more adiponectin present the higher the metabolism will be and the more body fat will be burned off.

The Healthy Trim raspberry ketone supplement will make the process even more effective because of the added ingredient named pure garcinia cambogia, chromium, saffron, lotus leaf and green tea extract. These extra ingredients will add a couple of extra benefits to the supplement such as improving the body’s ability to burn of body fat, suppress the appetite, enhance the mood and increase the body’s overall health state due to a high amount of anti oxidants present in this supplement.

These extra features that come with Healthy Trim raspberry ketone weight loss supplement will make it much easier for the dieter to lose weight because all aspects of a successful weight diet have been taken into consideration which goes far beyond than just burning of calories.

"I was so happy and surprised with the results of my first bottle of Healthy Trim that I took advantage of their current deal and purchased a 3 month supply.

I took one pill in the morning and drank lots of water and I took one pill in the afternoon. I did not feel jittery and had lots more energy, I did not feel the need to have coffee in the morning.

I did not change my diet and lost almost 40lbs during the holidays. This time I am going to be more cautious of what I eat and exercise in hopes of seeing some amazing results." - Lisa, February 2012

For those who would like to learn more about the many weight loss benefits there are using Healthy Trim raspberry ketone supplement and the added ingredients please visit this site for more information.

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