Chef Nancy's Culinary Cruise

How to Cook Food to Reverse Disease Focus of Chef Nancy's New Book and Upcoming South Pacific Cruise


Waldorf, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2013 -- Chef Nancy finds that while many people aspire to eating for better health, the ins and outs of doing so remain largely a mystery. That is why she makes it her foremost priority to teach healthy cooking that only tastes delightful. Beyond just healthy cooking, she has taken years of experience as a personal chef for people with chronic illness and distilled it into a cooking regimen that promotes reversal of disease, including cancer. Along with her upcoming Epicurean Voyage to Health, Chef Nancy is re-releasing her book "Chef Nancy's Recipe for Health". The book is designed to transition readers away from what Chef Nancy refers to as SAD (Standard American Diet) onto a road to health, weight loss, increased energy and a feeling of well-being.

She wants anyone interested in improving overall health, reversinging disease and great tasting food to know that the ability of food to transform is both amazing in its scope while being little understood by most people. In response to all her efforts, whether from books, teaching to groups or among her personal clients, her recipes are described as awesome with their supremely appetizing taste and their ability to quickly improve health and well-being.

"Chef Nancy's Recipe for Health" is available by going to An electronic version ("The Anti-Reaper Diet") is also available at

Those wanting up close instruction and one-on-one counseling from Chef Nancy, will have a unique opportunity to learn delicious recipes and a food strategy for improving health, preventing and healing disease. She will be demonstrating all her know-how in an intimate setting aboard her 2014 Epicurean Voyage to Health, a fifteen day cruise which will depart from New Zealand and visit ports-of-call throughout the South Pacific before arriving in Tahiti. Only a limited number of spaces are available for this exclusive and intimate cruise.

Drawing from her years of experience cooking for the critically ill, Chef Nancy has developed a dietary approach to preventing and contributing to the successful treatment of cancer. Her techniques have been continually researched and refined to create a tasty range of foods which motivate the individual to eat for health and use diet as a tool in the treatment of disease.

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Along with being able to create a diet which effectively starves cancer cells, the cooking skills which are taught in her book, and which will be shared in-depth during next year's cruise, also are effective in helping the treatment of diabetes, food sensitivities and weight related conditions. Group and one-on-one sessions covering these topics will be provided during the cruise.

About Chef Nancy
Chef Nancy is a graduate of the Scottsdale Culinary Institute and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Her approach to cooking for health draws upon her research and personal experience cooking for the critically ill. She is passionate about helping cancer patients and their helpers adjust to dietary changes, teaching how to prepare food to enhance the odds of wellness and maximize quality of life. Her upcoming Epicurean Voyage to Health in March 2014 will focus on teaching all aspects of holistic cooking and foods.

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