Unveils Tips and Product Reviews to Slow the Aging Process

Implementing many easy lifestyle changes and supplements can allow people to retain their health throughout old age, reports


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- The desire to stay young has been around as long as humanity, but now, many advances have been made in fields related to youth retention. Overall attitudes have also changed. Decline that was once seen as an inevitable process that was best stoically tolerated is now viewed as a tragedy that doesn't have to occur at all. Healthy aging, as this new philosophy is often called, is seen as the best end goal - in the absence of a way to live forever, that is.

There are many aspects involved when it comes to retaining one's physical and mental health throughout the advanced years. has compiled pages and pages of information related to this goal. It also reviews products meant to enhance health and counteract the effects of the accumulating years.

"People looking for information about blocking the negative effects of aging can often find little tidbits," said Daniel Pardinni of, "but it's not so easy to find them all in one place. One of our site's goals is to compile all of this information into an all-inclusive guide so that readers don't have to search the entire Internet every time they have an aging-related question."

The site doesn't just stick to one aspect of aging or one method of counteracting it. "Staying healthy at any age is something that requires targeting many areas," Pardinni said. "Doing just one healthy thing won't counteract aging. The desired effect is actually the result of making many little changes that all add up."

While generalized diet and exercise advice is often fine for young people, older ones often need to combat specific issues. Therefore, recommends habits that do exactly that. This allows for noticeable improvements with problems like stiffness, memory difficulty, high cholesterol, and more.

"We also believe that supplements are a good part of an anti-aging program," Pardinni noted. "That's why we've put up a new Marine-D3 review as well as a comparison of Marine D3 vs krill oil. Marine D3 is a product that is meant to increase energy levels, lower blood pressure, and slow the aging process. Since high blood pressure is very damaging to the entire body, we believe that it's important to explore natural treatments for the condition as well as to take prescribed medication."

Since many of the same benefits are claimed by krill oil, did a comparison to see which was best. It found that Marine D3's squid oil and special seaweed were far more potent than the krill version. It also includes vitamin D3. A lack of this vitamin has been implicated in a number of health problems previously thought to be unrelated, so getting enough is extremely important.

About provides a comprehensive compilation of easy-to-implement tips and habits for overcoming the many negatives of aging. It also reviews supplements and other products that make improving one's general health simple and trouble-free.