HealthyWiser News: Recent Water Quality Issues in the U.S.


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2016 -- It might be a common scenario to find some areas in the United States being closed down because of water quality issues. While this might be normal, it is important to report them since people have to know that the water coming out of their faucets might not be safe.

"The quality of drinking water is a powerful environmental determinant of health. Assurance of drinking water safety is a foundation for the prevention and control of waterborne diseases," the World Health Organization stated stated on their website.

This article will take a look at the recently reported water quality issues in the United States.

King's Island Water Park in Ohio

In a report on WLWT5, King's Island Water Park in Mason, Ohio was closed down last August 19 "due to potential water quality issues." The report noted that the park was scheduled to reopen the next day.

The park's public relations manager stated that the King's Island Water Park has been taking measures to ensure that water quality is great in the areas. Public relations manager Don Helbig reportedly said that there are "no indications" that the water quality is compromised. The step was just to take "an abundance of caution."

Dog Ridge Water Supply in Texas

Meanwhile, in Texas, a report on KTRE stated that the community in Bell County is getting concerned about the water quality in the area. The residents reportedly were prohibited from asking questions about the water supply.

In the report, the county's Dog Ridge Water Supply Corporation – the company that provides the water supply – has been called for a couple of times by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

KTRE stated in their report that the water supplies from Dog Ridge showed "outstanding levels of E. Coli and coliform bacteria in the water."

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