HealthyWiser TDS Meter, Soil Meter Perfect Kit for Plants


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2016 -- Amazon now offers a product bundle so consumers can save more on two of the best products of HealthyWiser. The website provides the HealthyWiser temperature compensated TDS meter and the plant soil meter for only $35.97 starting today.

HealthyWiser TDS meter

The HealthyWiser temperature compensated TDS EC meter offers consumers with a very comprehensive information about the quality of their water. The HealthyWiser TDS EC meter can be used with the home filter systems to ensure optimum safety.

The product is used for testing water quality in various conditions. It is used for drinking water, waste water, reverse osmosis systems, irrigation, hydroponics, laboratories and swimming pools among many others.

"This nifty gadget allows you to measure concentration of dissolved solids in water via two metrics: ppm (parts per million) and EC (electrical conductivity). I tested it in various solvents (tap water, beer, salt water, etc) and it was accurate to within a few percent of a much more expensive meter that my friend was using. The temperature reading appears to be accurate as well, I stuck it in water with two other thermometers and this device was right in between the other two measurements, yay!" a review stated on Amazon.

The product is offered on Amazon individually for only $19.91.

HealthyWiser plant soil meter

On the other hand, the HealthyWiser plant soil meter offers consumers with a great tool to test the quality of their soil. The product is used to test the moisture levels, pH levels and light levels in the soil.

Include this product with the purchase of TDS meter to see more benefits. It is important to ensure that soils are in the right condition to administer better plant growth. The soil meter is easy to use, compact, portable and it requires no batteries to function.

"This is really easy to use – place it in the soil, and flick the switch to whichever element you'd like to measure. Far left is moisture, middle is light, and far right is the soil pH. It is easy to move the switch and very easy to see which element you are currently measuring," a review on the product stated.

About HealthyWiser
As a rising brand in the field of skincare, cosmetics and personal health, HealthyWiser aims to focus on providing innovative health-friendly products that are enriching to people and their environment in the United States.

For more information about the TDS EC meter, visit their Amazon page.

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