HealthyWiser Tips: Growing Veggies in Condo Spaces


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2017 -- A nice space, a comfortable bed, a state-of-the-art kitchen and a great location – nothing beats the facilities of condominiums. But for someone with the green thumb, the idea of waking up each day without the need to water some plants can be a nuisance.

Can condominium rooms house vegetable gardens as well? With a unit standing several feet high up the ground, can residents still build gardens? Yes, they can.

An article on NC State Sustainability shared how condo owners can set up vegetable gardens.

"You can still grow a vegetable and herb garden, enjoying all the benefits of gardening without the added cost and maintenance of a large outdoor garden bed. Perfect for people living in apartments, condos or another urban setting, container gardening is effective and highly customizable," NC State Sustainability stated.

If the secret to going village house gardens is on the landscape, condo gardens take it from the materials to be used.

The first tip shared by the website is to find the right container.

"Select the largest size containers that your space can accommodate since bigger containers require less watering. For most plants, you'll need a pot that can hold at minimum six to eight inches of potting soil, though deep root crops like carrots and tomatoes require an even deeper container," the website stated.

Picking the right soil is also important. NC State Sustainability further added that soils that hold enough moisture is the best choice.

How HealthyWiser's soil moisture meter can help

The HealthyWiser soil moisture is designed to take away all the hindrances in gardening even in apartments. Consumers can know the right time to water their plants, change the soil and adjust lighting.

Condominium gardening offers new possibilities for the condo owners who have a green thumb to enjoy their passion. It is true that spaces are challenges for these buildings, but with the help of HealthyWiser's soil moisture meter, these people can be guided on building their gardens.

"I have had the opportunity to try a couple different kinds of these meters. This one from HealthyWiser, seems to be doing a good job for me so far. I have been using it for about two weeks now, and check my plant everyday with it," one customer shared on Amazon.

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