HealthyWiser Tips: Keeping Pool pH Levels Right During Winter


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2016 -- The winter season has come and homeowners are mostly busy indoors. Unlike in the summer, indoor house dinners replace the outdoor barbecue parties. Sipping hot coffee inside replaced swimming in the pool for hours during the summer.

But this does not mean that homeowners have to forget about their swimming pools during winter. This article offers the best tips on maintain good pH levels of swimming pools, with the help of HealthyWiser's pH test strips.

According to the website of Pleasure Aquatech Pools, the main reason why maintaining pool levels great in the winter is to prepare the pool for the summer. This takes away all the hassles along the way.

- First, keep the pool pumps running. The moving water will prevent freezing through this way, therefore avoiding pool damage and pipe damage.

- The pumps should run all-day but with lower speed. The website reminds that this is not about energy costs, but protecting the pool from further damage.

- Keep on applying neutralizing chemicals in the pool even during the winter.

Or better yet, homeowners can also choose to just empty the pool in the winter, and refill them once the hot season arrives. But when the parties during the winter holidays need the pool to be on full blast, then these tips can help.

How HealthyWiser's pH test strips can help

The HealthyWiser pH test strips provide an easier way for people to monitor the pH levels of their swimming pool. They can simply dip the strip over a pool water sample. The strips will change in color depending on the pH level of the pool sample. Expect to have accurate results with HealthyWiser's pH test strips.

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HealthyWiser is a rising brand in the field of nutritional product manufacturing and cosmetics in the United States. The company has made a statement with their products in the market. These revolutionary products are offspring of the 21st century which is now considered by many professionals as some of the best products.

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