HealthyWiser VIP Club Offers More Benefits from the Digital TDS Meter, Other Products


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2016 -- The HealthyWiser digital TDS EC meter can do a lot of things, sometimes even beyond comparison. It is professional-grade water testing kit that provides the most accurate and precise water quality testing for consumers. Not only does its LCD display makes reading very easy, but the product has lock functions that make readings easier to record. It also has an auto-off function that promotes the longevity of the product, since this can save the battery usage.

The product is offered on Amazon with various discounts as well. The HealthyWiser digital TDS EC meter has been used to test the quality of water supplies – ranging from swimming pools, drinking water, water spas to as complicated as water filter systems, reverse osmosis systems and water management systems.

Now that the company has expanded its website to make it better for consumers to navigate, HealthyWiser offers a VIP club that customers can join to enjoy more of its products. They just have to log on to the HealthyWiser official website and click on "Join The HealthyWiser Club" on the menu.

The new website of the HealthyWiser offers more detailed information about its wide range of products, such as the digital TDS EC meter and the digital pH meter. Customers can also avail of the shipping services straight from the website as they purchase. If they decide to get updated about everything on HealthyWiser, they can also join the mailing list.

The HealthyWiser TDS and EC meter can also be purchased through Amazon, one of the widest consumer websites in the world. It is offered on Amazon at discounted prices and promotional offers that customers should not miss.

"Considering we've never owned one before, it's very overwhelming trying to maintain the proper, safe levels of all the chemicals in the pool, and this meter comes in handy when I'm checking the levels for peace of mind before my five-year-old son swims in the pool," a review on Amazon stated.

"It's accurate, easy to use, and it fits in the palm of your hand. I'm slowly learning more and more about water levels that need to be tested every so often, like the city water we're on where I live, which isn't fantastic by any means."

HealthyWiser is a brand that offers products on personal wellness, health, and beauty. For more information about the HealthyWiser digital TDS meter, visit their Amazon page.

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