HealthyWiser's TDS Meter Tells How Good the Coffee Tastes


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2016 -- Website Perfect Daily Grind said that measuring the total dissolved solids from coffee is necessary.

"Visit any specialty coffee forum and chances are you'll find a long discussion on extraction percentages and TDS – without much of an explanation of what they actually mean. Numbers like 23 percent extraction are bandied around without anyone actually saying why it should, or shouldn't, be at that level," Perfect Daily Grind wrote. "On top of that, TDS is a controversial topic. Some hail it as a total game changer; others consider it a useless, or even dangerous, distraction."

So what is TDS particularly and why is it important for coffee?

TDS is an acronym that means total dissolved solids. The website defined TDS as the amount of soluble solids in a particular liquid substance. These soluble solids can either be organic elements or inorganic components such as magnesium and calcium. TDS can either be a good or negative thing, depending on the substance.

For coffee substances, total dissolved solids tell a lot of the coffee's extraction level. They also tell about a number of dissolved solids in the liquid, the website noted. It has been said that waters with no TDS are considered "flat."

TDS meters such as HealthyWiser's meter have been used for testing total dissolved solids in coffee before the brewing process. Perfect Daily Grind says that total dissolved solids and the level of extraction are indicative of how good the coffee will taste.

"We should be aiming for the highest percentage extraction at which the coffee still tastes good. This tends to be between 18 to 22 percent extractions, yet each coffee is individual and has a different character. Merely aiming for this golden range, without evaluating its impact on the coffee's taste, will leave you doomed to failure," the website stated.

HealthyWiser's TDS, EC and temperature meter is made for effective water quality testing. It is a device that provides testing for coffee and beer. Aside from these, they can also be used to test wastewater systems, reverse osmosis systems, laboratories, aquariums, swimming pools, water purification systems, tap water and more. The company is up to date with the advanced technology with the TDS EC meter.

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