Hear the World's Leading Aramaic Scholar Reveal the Healing Power of That Language of Jesus (Yeshua)

Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, is the leading scholar in translating and expounding on the depths of meaning found in the Aramaic language as Jesus spoke to his audience over 1900 years ago. On Tuesday, March 15, he joins Jim Stacey on VoiceAmerica talk radio, for an unforgettable show about the life-alternating power of a language that is far more than just words.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2016 -- Join Jim and Neil on the show: Beyond Religion: Your Life is Waiting, found on the 7th Wave channel on Voiceamerica.com talk radio. Dr. Douglas-Klotz was Jim's mentor when he began his doctoral studies years ago. For Jim, that time was life-changing, as he was struggling to understand what lies beyond the dogma and shame of religion as he had known it.

Most languages are merely words that fill our ears with sounds that we may recognize or not. But when it comes to the Aramaic, the world's oldest language, the language of the Persian Empire of long ago, there is much more to understand. For the very sounds of the Aramaic words are themselves filled with healing power.

People around the world have experienced the power of the sounds within the Aramaic words. Many have experienced a transpersonal experience that has taken them to the deepest inner peace and awareness they've ever known. Such was Jim's experience as he learned to move and dance with the mystics that sang the Aramaic songs of empowerment over and over.

To feel that power deep inside one's heart is the key. Western people have been taught to use their brains only to gain an understanding of something. And, while our brains are important, the ability to listen with the heart is a transcendent, consciousness-altering experience of a powerful awakening of peace and love deep within.

To sing and chant powerful sounds reconnects us with our deepest Self--the Self that the Western world has taught us to ignore. The transpersonal psychology of the Aramaic takes a human to an altered state of consciousness wherein that person experiences an inner connection with an energy that heretofore has not been known.

In that state of consciousness we find that we are able to look at our shadow self with honesty and know that owning our shadow is the key to overcoming it. Jesus (Yeshua) never, ever spoke about something that religion calls "sin." For him, there was no such reality. He did speak of the cords of guilt that are wrapped around us and the same cords of guilt that we wrap around others. We can learn to release both ourselves and others too.

As we learn to clear space within the deepest part of ourselves, the heart center, we can then experience a new energy that comes to fill that space. Our heart center is made for the Light of The Divine deep within us. And as we come to experience that our breath is far more than just oxygen, we feel a dramatic connection with Divine energy within.

The Aramaic sense of "prayer" is not asking for something. It is rather an inner clearing or emptying of all that may be blocking our reception of what is awaiting our welcoming it into our experience of being alive.

Look for Dr. Douglas-Klotz's books: Desert Wisdom, Prayers of the Cosmos, The Hidden Gospel, Genesis Meditations, and his latest, A Murder At Armageddon. Coming soon is, Illuminating The Shadow in May of 2016.

It's time for all humans to be dancing in the delights of being The Divine in human form. For that is truly who we are and why we are here. What if your purpose for coming to this planet was to learn that you are far more beautiful than you've ever known? That was the message of Yeshua and the kingdom/queendom of heaven within us.

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About Beyond Religion: Your Life Is Waiting
Jim Stacey knows religion from the inside out because of many years of experience living in the energies of guilt, shame, and remorse. He knows that there is zero healing in dogma and control from others. After many decades of trying to deal with his old wounds from religion, Jim found the beauty and power in the healing message of the Aramaic teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) but not in the manipulated texts of the rigid structures of Christianity. His message is not religious in any way. It is a message of healing, loving, claiming your most beautiful self, finding your deepest life purpose, living beyond and healing old shame and guilt, living beyond the victim energies, celebrating all the mistakes you'll ever make, and much more.

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