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Hearing Aids Elite Introduces Line of 100% Digital Hearing Aids Costing a Fraction of Other Devices


Camas, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2012 -- Hearing Aids Elite is proud to announce the launch of their new company and website that provides quality hearing devices at a fraction of the cost of other devices. Hearing Aids Elite offers a full line of quality 100-percent digital hearing aids starting at $499 to consumers with mild to moderate hearing loss.

More than 31 million Americans experience some level of hearing loss from mild to severe. While hearing devices can be of great benefit to those with mild hearing loss, the typical cost of two to three thousand dollars puts them beyond the financial means of many. The new company Hearing Aids Elite was formed to fill that need affordably with their line of 100-percent digital hearing aids starting at just $499. “We started the company and developed our personal sound amplifiers to address the needs of people with mild to moderate hearing loss that were not being served with a quality affordable solution,” said a Hearing Aids Elite specialist.

Hearing Aids Elite carries a number of different models of hearing aids that all feature 100-percent digital two-channel processing, Adaptive Feedback Cancellation (AFC) and Dynamic Speech Enhancement (DSE). In addition, each model boasts Enhanced Taper Control (ETC), Low Battery Warning, Volume Control and a frequency range of 200-7100 Hz. Battery life ranges from 90 to 284 hours depending on model. No special fitting is required as all models are one-size-fits-all behind-the-ear aids, so only a very small part goes in the ear.

These discreet, comfortable, adjustable, convenient and affordable devices gently amplify the sound and allow the user to adjust the intensity level to complement their level of hearing loss. “Our devices amplify the frequency range of natural speech, and only those frequencies that need boosting,” said the specialist. “Consequently, they are intended for those with mild to moderate hearing loss rather than the hearing impaired.”

As a company dedicated to the health and welfare of its customers, Hearing Aids Elite provides a great deal of educational information on the many warning signs that indicate potentially severe inner ear problems that must be addressed by a physician. They recommend that everyone have a hearing test before purchasing a Hearing Aids Elite product as well as annual hearing tests.

Hearing Aids Elite also offers $20 off of future purchases with every referral, and the referred customer also gets a $20 discount on their purchase. All of their products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping. Ordering online is simple and secure with online chat support and a variety of payment options. Products typically ship within 48 hours via FedEx Ground delivery with expedited shipping available upon request. For more information, please visit http://www.hearingaidselite.com

About Hearing Aids Elite
The new company sells quality 100-percent digital hearing aids at a fraction of the cost of other devices for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Their entire line of full-featured hearing aids provides sound quality that is comparable to hearing aids costing hundreds of dollars more. Shopping is simple and secure via their new website HearingAidsElite.com, and the one-size-fits-all devices come with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as free shipping.