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Hearing Aids Portland, Maine Company Finetone Hearing Offers Tips on How to Test Hearing at Home


Portland, ME -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- According to statistics, about 17 percent of adults in America have some type of hearing loss. Losing the hearing in one or both ears is a very serious and distressing situation. Being unable to understand friends and family members as well as favorite music and television shows can cause people with hearing issues to become depressed and frightened.

The staff at Finetone Hearing understands how distressing it can be to have a hearing loss. They also realize that getting in for a formal hearing check can sometimes be hard to schedule.

That is why the audiology Portland, Maine company suggests that people test their hearing right from the comfort of home without any fancy equipment.

“Many websites offer free hearing tests that can be done online,” a spokesperson from the Scarborough hearing aids company noted, adding that none of the tests take long to complete.

“They simply involve playing sounds at different frequencies to see which levels you can hear and which you cannot. If the test indicates that you may be experiencing hearing loss, you will be advised to seek a professional opinion. Online hearing tests are for screening purposes only.”

To begin, the Maine hearing aids company suggests visiting the freehearingtest.ca website. People may start by clicking “enter site” and then “take the test.”

The spokesperson for the hearing aids Portland Maine company noted that people who are taking the hearing test should follow the provided instructions carefully. Throughout the exam, they will need to indicate whether or not they can hear the sounds that are playing at various frequencies.

When the test is over, the results will be shown. People should read over this information, and if they received a “thumbs down” for any of the sections, the staff at the hearing aids Maine company strongly suggests scheduling a hearing consultation with a professional.

Other websites also offer similar tests for people who wish to test their hearing at home. For example, freehearingtest.com features an online hearing test. Once on the website, people can click on “Take the Free Hearing Test.” After reading the introduction, people should adjust their computer speakers so the background sound is barely audible. Clicking on “Test Tone” will begin the exam.

If a sound is played and the test taker clicks on “No” when asked if he or she can hear it, a box will pop up advising that the person might be experiencing a hearing loss in that particular frequency. If this happens, the hearing aids Scarborough company spokesperson said it is best to consult a professional for further testing.

Phonak.com is another similar site that offers an online hearing exam. This one requires people to identify sounds and words in the presence of noise. After the test is over, a results page will advise the test taker if any hearing issues were detected.

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