Hearing Held for Bill to Prevent Disciplinary Appeals for Portland Police


Frankfort, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Unions leaders who represent the civilian staff and the police force in Portland, along with a state official, voiced their opposition to the bill being put forward to the Legislature, which would prevent members of the Portland police force from appealing disciplines handed down for excessive use of force.

Grover Arnett ky clients read that the Senate Bill 747, if passed, will mean that the police will not have the opportunity to seek the opinion of an independent arbitrator, should their use of force be challenged. Anil Karia, an attorney who is currently representing the PPA (Portland Police Association), has stated that the singular targeting of the members of the labour organisation is unjust, and that if this bill is passed into law, it will effectively remove the right to a fair trial, in the presence of a neutral adjudicator, for the police of Portland.

Chip Shields, a senator, has sponsored the bill, after he was asked to do so by the attorneys Jason and Greg Kafourys. Grover Arnett law firm staff learned that the hearing was held before Committee of the General Government, Consumer protection committee which the senator chairs. In the past, the Kafourys have won several cases relating to police brutality in Portland and are now arguing that the mayor and the police administrators are simply unable to manage the police force effectively, when adjudicators later overturn their suspensions and firing of officers charged with inappropriate force.

Grover Arnett LinkedIn members read that Greg Kafoury is arguing that there is a risk of creating a culture of impunity, due to the fact that the city is unable to uphold disciplinary action taken against police officers. As things stand, Kafoury explained, police managers are choosing not to discipline officers simply because they know their decision will then be overturned by arbitrators. During the hearing, the Kafourys showed a video of one of their clients being arrested, in which it was shown that police officers used a taser gun and repeatedly punched him, in an unwarranted assault, after he was stopped for drunk driving.

Further support for the bill was given by the Albina Ministerial Alliance President, and Gallagher Smith. In 2010, Smith was successful in suing Portland Police for an attack carried out by officers during his arrest. He stated that arbitration needs to be removed as an option, so that Portland police officers who use excessive force will be held accountable.

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