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Heart Rate in Relation to Fitness

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- Aerobic fitness is all about improving cardiovascular function, and in order to determine how much aerobic exercise one should do, and at what intensity, a person needs to understand how their maximum heart rate affects their fitness level. Knowing the maximium heart rate the body should be at can help determine which type of aerobic exercise is best for a single person’s body, and assist them in becoming healthier overall.

Maximum heart rate can vary depending on age and fitness level, but a good standard for determining what an individuals maximum heart rate should be is to start by subtracting one’s age from 220. 220 beats per minute is the absolute maximum that can be attained by a human (usually never seen accept in small children). For example, if a person is 35, they can begin with a maximum heart rate estimation of 185. This means that as they’re working out, to get into a target zone for buring the most fat and working the heart affectively, their pulse rate should never rise about 185 beats per minute.

This may seem high, and some prefer workouts that are just as effective but not as intense. In this case, they may want to aim for 60-70 percent of their maximum heart rate. Or, alternate between higher intensity routines on one day and lower intensity on other days.

Heart rate is a quick indicator of how fit a person is, which is why physicians check it at annual physicals and use it as an indicator for problems. No matter whether a person wants to work out at an extremely high intensity, alternate days, or keep the workout intensity lower when just starting out, heart rate is an excellent indicator of how hard the body is working, and how fitness level is improving over time.

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