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Heartburn Relief HQ Announces New Heartburn Remedies to Reduce or Eliminate Incidence

Home remedies are often better solutions for heartburn than prescription drugs, site representative says


Asheville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- According to Healthline, between 20 and 30 percent of Americans experience heartburn on at least a weekly basis, with 60 percent experiencing it at least once in a year. Many frequent sufferers are put on prescription drugs to stop the problem, but these drugs cause problems of their own. With these things in mind, Heartburn Relief HQ spokesperson Connie Thaler has announced her site, http://heartburnreliefhq.com, which offers home remedies and education about lifestyle changes that can reduce or eliminate the incidence of heartburn for readers.

"Even though some antacid ads make heartburn seem funny, it is no joke for those who suffer from it on a frequent basis," Taylor says. "Worse yet, pharmaceutical solutions often aren't solutions at all. Instead, they just change the problem from one thing to another. Drugs that block acid production can interfere with the body's absorption of nutrition, especially when it comes to vitamins. They also make the body work harder to digest food since they get rid of too much stomach acid for digestion to take place efficiently."

"The heartburn remedies at www.heartburnreliefhq.com (http://heartburnreliefhq.com/heartburn-remedies/) don't do this to people. Instead, they help reset the stomach's acid production to a normal level. This level allows for the proper breakdown of food without producing so much fluid that it comes up into the throat."

With heartburn, the main problem often isn't actually an overabundance of acid. Instead, the damage is caused by acid coming up into the esophagus from the stomach. Since the throat doesn't have the same kind of lining as the stomach, the errant acid burns it. This is when the pain kicks in.

Because there are mechanical components to heartburn, there are a number of lifestyle changes that can help with it. When the stomach truly does produce too much acid, there are also a number of ways to help calm it without the use of drugs meant to stop production.

"The home remedies for heartburn at heartburnreliefhq.com (http://heartburnreliefhq.com/home-remedies-for-heartburn/) involve both mechanical and dietary methods," Taylor informed us. This two-pronged approach is very likely to bring excellent results."

Upon being asked for some examples, Taylor told us that "some of the tips are very easy to implement, but are very effective. One thing sufferers can do is sleep with their upper bodies elevated. This gets gravity to work in their favor to help keep acid in the stomach where it belongs. A good dietary change," she continued, "is to eliminate foods known to increase acid production. We also offer a program called Heartburn No More, which is a comprehensive plan for eliminating GERD symptoms. This allows people to easily put all of the elements together into an effective and cohesive anti-heartburn program."

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