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Asheville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- According to Florida Hospital, 60 million American adults experience acid reflux symptoms every month, with 24 million having symptoms on a daily basis. Symptoms may begin in infancy, but tend to disappear as the child grows, and, although many assume this condition is harmless, if left untreated, acid reflux often leads to serious reflux and inflammation. Anyone suffering from acid reflux needs to look into acid reflux treatment options and Heartburn Relief HQ (heartburnreliefhq.com) offers the information individuals need.

"Heartburn Relief HQ provides information on acid reflux, the symptoms one may experience, and treatments currently available. Visitors to this site find they learn a great deal in a short period of time. The information contained on the site helps those desperately seeking relief from the pain and other symptoms associated with this common medical condition," Connie Thaler, spokesperson for Heartburn Relief HQ (http://heartburnreliefhq.com/acid-reflux-symptoms/) states.

Symptoms vary by individual and include heartburn, burping, and a feeling of food being trapped in the throat. A continuous need to clear one's throat, bloating, and black stools indicate one may be suffering from acid reflux, and some find they lose weight with this medical condition. Others report they experience a dry cough, a bitter taste in their mouth or throat, or nausea with acid reflux.

Thaler goes on to say that symptoms vary significantly by individual and may also differ by the episode. For example, the consumption of one food brings on heartburn and bloating while alcohol use may bring on black stools and the feeling of food being stuck in the throat. No matter which symptoms one experiences, however, immediate relief is desired.

Currently, experts have no cure for acid reflux, yet symptoms can be managed. Many find symptoms decrease when they change their diet, avoiding foods which appear to trigger symptoms. Weight loss and a healthy diet provide the relief some need, yet others find they must turn to medications for the treatment of this condition. The medications come with side effects, however, and individuals must understand these side effects before making use of over the counter or prescription drugs for the treatment of acid reflux.

"Anyone concerned about negative side effects should consider home remedies. In addition to losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet, smokers need to kick the habit as tobacco may increase symptoms, while garlic reduces stomach acid and mustard removes the burning sensation. Visit Heartburn Relief HQ (http://heartburnreliefhq.com/acid-reflux-treatment/) to learn more about these and many other home remedies which aid those suffering from this unpleasant medical condition, a condition which may lead one to avoid a wide variety of foods, as they wish to avoid the pain of heartburn and other acid reflux symptoms," Thaler explains.

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