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Heartstone: Bold New Fantasy Novel Evokes Vast Magic & Mystery of the Universe

Karl Morgan’s latest novel exposes the physical and spiritual connection between life and the struggle of good vs. evil. Showcasing the protagonist’s growth from ordinary man to superpower, ‘Heartstone: Sentinels of Far Sun’ is breaking new ground within its genre.


Chula Vista, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- The fantasy genre has long been a staple of the literary world. However, with its stark pertinence to reality, Karl Morgan’s ‘Heartstone’ series uses fictional concepts to inspire strength and will in every reader.

The series’ latest volume, ‘Sentinels of Far Sun’ showcases mans’ strength to overcome adversity, as well as the magic and allure of the Universe-at-large.


Although earthquakes are common in Southern California, the tremors that woke Bill Marshall from a sound sleep were different. Hordes of unworldly monsters invade his home desperate to kill him and his family. Miraculously, Sentinel Lance Allright arrives in time to stop the attack.

The Earth Heartstone has been broken. To prevent further incursions, Bill and Lance must step through the stone and discover why these events are happening. They travel to an ancient world and face the same attackers seeking revenge against the most vile and powerful Beings in the universe. But why attack Goola and Earth?

Heartstone is a journey of discovery, which will forever change Bill Marshall's view of life and the universe. While unspeakable evil may wait around each corner, the power of good and the stones lies within each of us.

As the author explains, while fictional, his book was written to inspire change in the real world.

“My goal is to show how a man can find new strength within and overcome monstrous odds if he has faith in himself and his friends. It also demonstrates that while we feel our lives are simple and quiet, any event can change that forever. If we persevere, we can achieve great things and fulfill our lives,” says Morgan.

Continuing, “This book is about a man realizing the universe is a much more magical and mysterious place than he could have imagined. Readers will learn more about how everything in life is connected; all while battling the ongoing struggles between good and evil.”

Critics praise Morgan for his diligent attempts to fuse fact and fiction. However, even with so much success on his hands, Morgan refuses to lose sight of what is important.

“It’s all about giving readers something they’ve never experienced before. My unique facet is the fusion of fact and fiction – call it fiction for the real world. While fantastical, readers will learn things and make great strides in their own lives along the way,” he adds.

‘Heartstone: Sentinels of Far Sun’ is available now: http://amzn.to/10d2wiN

More information can be found on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/karlmorganauthor

About the Author: Karl Morgan
Karl Morgan has enjoyed fantasy books, movies and television since he was a young boy watching remarkable programs like the Addams Family, Munsters, Twilight Zone, and Outer Limits. In college, the author followed a broad curriculum which included astronomy, Eastern religions and mythology. More recently, he has been obsessed with books about cosmology and quantum mechanics.

The blending of fantasy with his love for science fiction and fact provides a broad palette of stories to tell and reminds us that with everything mankind has learned the world is still a magical and mysterious place.