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Heather Jameson Has Released a Video on the Simplest Way to Lose 80 Pounds to Reach Set Weight Loss Goals


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- HJ has released a video on the simplest way to lose 80 pounds: PERSEVERANCE . There is no way weight can be lost overnight. Unlike gaining weight, lots of effort is needed to achieve the desired results at an individual level. Many people are confused when it comes to losing weight and what works best. This is especially because what works for some people might not work for others. It makes some very frustrated in losing weight and some even give up long before they even get close to the weight loss goals they have set. To lose weight fast and successfully, dedication, motivation and focus are needed. Only those who are desperate enough to lose weight in a healthy way actually get to their weight loss goals without putting their health at risk.

Heather Jameson has brought new light to weight loss through her tips. She successfully lost weight and now shares her secrets and tips to all interested in reaching their ideal weight. Through her weight loss tips, she has helped lots of women become attractive, happy and healthy again which adds great value to life. There is nothing worse than having low self-esteem and confidence, but unfortunately this is what weight gain does to many people. Using the HJ tips, there is no weight loss goal that cannot be achieved.

In her new video, she shares the tips for losing 80 pounds fast to reach the targeted goals. To lose this amount of weight, it will take approximately 6 months. It is actually the ideal period to make sure that the weight is lost in a healthy way. One of the tips she offers is to make sure that a 1300 calorie diet is followed. This is the maximum amount of calorie allowance per day to aid proper and fast weight loss. There are so many low calorie foods out there and getting them right ensures that every meal is well balanced and at the right calorie amounts. Understanding calories is important and HJ also offers diet plans to all interested people for the perfect smooth weight loss plan.

Apart from the calorie limits daily, to lose 80 pounds fast, remaining active throughout the day is of importance. There is also a need to make sure that a 30 minute intense workout regime is followed daily. The exercising coupled with the right healthy diet makes it very easy for individuals to reach the weight loss goals that they have set. It is advisable to walk to work as compared to taking the bus or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. They are simple activities that can keep metabolism going which in turn burns lots of calories helpful in losing weight. The more active an individual is, the easier it is to maintain high metabolic rates and high burnings thus hastening the weight loss process.

Weight loss can be as simple as following a healthy diet and a good exercise regime. HJ’s new video can be watched at

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