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Hedge Funds Use Social Media Monitoring Signals to Predict Stock Trading with 87.54% Accuracy


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2012 -- When most people think of social media, they think of connecting with friends or staying up to date with the latest news. Only a small number of people associate social networks with generating serious profit, but this is likely to change in the very near future. With the recent news of Facebook going public, the link between social media and finance is stronger than ever, and new trading techniques incorporating social media are beginning to emerge. Everyday people are now learning these techniques and making thousands of dollars per month.

Investors and traders around the world have been talking about social media finance — using social media trading signals to buy and sell stocks. Unlike complicated quantitative tactics, monitoring social media trading signals is something that anyone can do with an impressive 87.54% accuracy rate, as proven by a 2010 study done at Indiana University. For this reason, an investment advisory firm called Stock Certified has just launched a new program that teaches individuals how to make money by monitoring these signals. The Stock Certified program is perfect for anyone who wants to pay off debt or save up for that dream vacation by working part-time from home. Stock Certified program seeks to equip each member with the tools and know-how to generate a part-time monthly income of about $2,500.

“This eCourse gives you background information, and teaches you what microcaps are, and what they are not. It takes you through the good, the bad, and the ugly—and teaches you to avoid the latter two when trading. Expert traders have processes that they follow to decide when stocks are undervalued and poised for massive growth—these are the types of things shared with our association members,” declares the Stock Certified website.

Becoming a trader might seem intimidating, but the Stock Certified program involves trading only micro-cap stocks, limiting the amount of stocks that traders take on. By buying a small amount of stocks that immediately go up in price and then selling them before the price goes back down, people from all walks of life can make thousands of dollars. The Stock Certified program teaches these people how to use social media to identify when stock prices will rise or fall and then profit from this knowledge.

On the Stock Certified website, visitors will find Stock Certified Testimonial Customer Reviews, showing examples of average people who have generated huge profits using the Stock Certified program. The website also features videos explaining the Stock Certified program and a blog filled with information on how to get started trading stocks. Plus, visitors can read all about Stock Certified’s experienced team of expert trading advisers. For website owners, there is even exclusive information regarding Stock Certified’s Micro-Cap Stock Trading Affiliate JV Program.

About Stock Certified
Stock Certified is a stock investment advisory firm based in New York. Founded in 2008 by a team of investment professionals with over eighteen years of Wall Street equity trading experience, the firm has created and launched several equity trading publications and other products designed to educate consumers on smart investment strategies. The Stock Certified program educates consumers on sound investing principles for trading micro-cap stocks. The program combines a 100-plus page virtual guide, a newly developed aggregated social buzz stock monitoring tools, and expert advice on an ongoing basis as part of the Stock Certified stock trading educational network.

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