HEINKEL Announces Lab Testing Services Facility in Swedesboro, NJ

Lab Testing Services Facility in Swedesboro, NJ


Swedesboro, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- HEINKEL recently announced that it now has a lab testing services facility located in Swedesboro, NJ. HEINKEL is able to perform on-site lab testing of products at their lab. The evaluation of any company’s products at the HEINKEL lab is a useful tool when searching for solutions to the filtration or drying process.

HEINKEL’s lab is unique in that it has the ability to execute crystallization reactions, and also centrifuge and washing trials on a wide range of different styles of centrifuge equipment with PAC capabilities. After the trials are completed, a full report is then prepared describing in detail the findings of the lab evaluation.

Using the customer’s test product, HEINKEL’s process engineers carry out lab trials that verify which machine and process parameters must be used in order to achieve the optimal filtration results on their centrifuge and drying equipment. Taken into account is the product’s ability to build a cake, dewatering, wash effect, and required g-force.

Current customers will be able to use the lab in a way that can help optimize a process that is already currently running on a HEINKEL centrifuge. HEINKEL’s engineers can simulate and/or troubleshoot a process in their laboratory to minimize larger scale tests and the associated plant costs.

HEINKEL is an innovator in horizontal, vertical, and inverting filter centrifuges, pressure Nutsche Filter-Dryers, and vacuum pan agitated drying systems, as well as in conical “Nauta-type” mixers and conical vacuum dryers. HEINKEL’s expertise is in combining two or more of the solid-liquid separation equipment that are used downstream of a pharmaceutical or biochemical reactor, to separate the crystalline or amorphous solid particles from the liquid, so as to produce a very dry cake. For critical pharmaceutical production, HEINKEL can also integrate active or passive isolation devices, so as to discharge in a fully contained manner.

To find out more visit them on the web at http://heinkelusa.com.