Heinkel USA Announces New TIOCENT Solid Bowl Centrifuge to Its List of Products


Swedesboro, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- HEINKEL USA, experts at separating solids from liquids through their use of centrifuges, is pleased to announce the addition of the new TIOCENT solid-bowl centrifuge for separation of fine particles. This piece of equipment is used for a wide range of products such as separation of sub-micron titanium dioxide, kaolin clay, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, among others, and this innovative and robust centrifuge provides high-efficiency separation in a small footprint.

HEINKEL serves the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemistry and food industries with high performance separation results from their centrifuges. With the TIOCENT, customers and professionals can produce nano sized particles of titanium dioxide. Solid-bowl centrifuges like TIOCENT are specially designed for wet classification of particles contained within slurries.

The centrifugation process involves rotating a feed on an axis to in order to properly and effectively separate the solid particles from a liquid. When the particles reach the wall of the bowl on the other side of the bowl entrance, the particles are finished separating and become settled. Once this occurs, both the extracted particles and the liquid are removed from the centrifuge. There are steps taken to ensure the proper classification of particles, and this includes a cleaning step. After the particles are classified and discharged, adding water will clean the TIOCENT centrifuge and prepare it for another separation process.

An ideal processor for synthetic fabric manufacturers and other cosmetic industries, the TIOCENT operates in the realm of 3000 revolutions per minute, and productively separates 99 percent of particles that are larger than one micro. There are many products that use nano particles on a daily basis and to receive the proper separation of particles, there’s no better centrifuge than the TIOCENT, available from HEINKEL.

If equipment needs to be repaired, the HEINKEL service department offers upgrades, spare parts, and refurbished equipment to their customers in an effort to ensure any centrifuge, vacuum dryer or nautical mixer is performing optimally and producing quality results. For more information on the service department or to inquire about the new TIOCENT solid-bowl centrifuge, please call 856-467-3399 x 1107 or visit their blog today.

About Heinkel USA
Heinkel is a pioneer in centrifugal separation and vacuum drying technologies. The Heinkel after-sales department not only works on Heinkel brand equipment, but also offers complete service, spare parts, repairs, mechanical and control upgrades retrofits, refurbishment, filter media and service contracts on many other brands of centrifuges, Nutsche vacuum dryers and Nauta mixers. Additionally, a full line of used and refurbished equipment is available.

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