Heinkel USA Now Offering BOLZ Conical Vacuum Dryer for Industrial Blending and Drying


Swedesboro, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- For those looking for a superior alternative to the V-blender or double-cone blender for drying applications or industrial blending look no further, because Heinkel USA is now offering the BOLZ conical vacuum dryer. The unique tapered screw with orbital arm design has had dramatic advances since its origin in the 1930’s. Heinkel USA is proud to present this product as an advanced method of vacuum contact drying for products that may be hazardous.

Unlike the V-blender and double cone blender, the BOLZ conical dryer has the ability to provide 3-dimensional mixing. The BOLZ vacuum dryer allows for low-shear mixing and drying due to the use of a tapered-screw. This gentle mixing ensures that any particle degradation is minimized, therefore making it suitable for a variety of applications; for example, liquid injection, cooking, drying, etc. with full product discharge via a ball-segment valve. The vacuum drying system can dramatically shorten the drying time, which makes the BOLZ unit both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

The philosophy for the professionals at Heinkel USA is to provide a service for all of the brand equipment that they offer, whether it may be centrifuge equipment, spare parts, dryers, mixers, etc. they strive to make sure that every one is safe and reliable when it comes to producing quality products. As a provider of the equipment is it their duty to not only offer a great alternative vacuum dryer for industrial blending and drying, but to also make sure that it lasts its expected lifetime. As Heinkel USA continues to provide equipment and products, they are able to create partnerships along the way for those who have seen significant success due to items like the BOLZ conical vacuum dryer.

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