HeirAccess.com Offers FREE Lifetime Subscriptions to Early Adopters

Secure Digital Storage and Distribution Platform, HeirAccess.com, Is Offering FREE LIFETIME Subscriptions to Pre-Launch Members


Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- As part of their early bird offer, HeirAccess.com is offering free lifetime subscriptions to early adopters of their online digital storage platform, which grants users the ability to store sensitive information online and designate “Heirs” to quickly receive individualized information upon their eventual passing.

The service is currently in pre-launch mode, but once the full system is launched this Summer, Lifetime Subscriptions to the service will cost $149.

When asked where the idea came from, Founder and CEO, Dan Weber, commented, "Two weeks after my wife and I got married , I suddenly found out that I needed to have emergency brain surgery. It was a total shock. Since I manage the finances in our household, we quickly realized just how tough it would be for my wife to find and access all of our various asset accounts, or even simply pay the mortgages on both of our properties."

The need for a safe, secure and practical solution for storing and organizing vital information such as this subsequently led to the development of HeirAccess.com. "I quickly wrote down as many accounts, passwords, and instructions as possible on a piece of paper and put it in a safe that she [Dan's wife] could open if I didn't make it through the surgery. Thankfully I did, and she never had to open the safe, but I quickly realized there was a huge need for a secure, online version of my 'paper in a safe' solution," concludes Weber.

Following the current early bird offering of free memberships, the full-scale service will soon be available for a basic lifetime membership fee of $149.00 regardless of current age or health condition.

About HeirAccess.com
HeirAccess.com is a secure online digital storage platform dedicated to the storage of users' sensitive information until their heirs need to access it upon their passing. The pioneering service was founded by Dan and Rebekah Weber, residents of Los Angeles, California.

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