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Heisenberg Hat Hosts Breaking Bad Merchandise Center with All New Halloween Costumes

Breaking Bad costumes are going to be the highlight of this year’s Halloween after the series came to its long anticipated conclusion, and Heisenberg Hat are providing those costumes to all comers.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- Breaking Bad has won a shelf full of Emmy’s since its creation and Walter White, AKA Heisenberg, has become one of America’s most beloved serial killing drug dealers. Thankfully, this fictional presence has done no real damage, but has created many iconic moments and looks from among its principle cast, and with the series now at an end, there is no better way to say goodbye than with a Halloween send off decked out in a Breaking Bad costume. Heisenberg Hat is a website that has become a center for Breaking Bad merchandise, and has released a whole range of costumes for the occasion. The range is also discussed at .

The site offers Walter White, Skyler White, Jesse Pinkman costumes and more; from the distinctive Heisenberg pork pie hat to a Hector Salamanca costume, they have everything a Breaking Bad super fan might need. Whether costume fans want the cooking look, the dealing look or the home look, Heisenberg Hat has the goods.

The site also offers one of the widest varieties of Breaking Bad merchandise commercially available, including DVD box sets of the series (ideal for Christmas gifts), bobbleheads of all the characters both major and minor, posters of iconic imagery from the show and promotional photos, t-shirts and more. Halloween is set to become the last hurrah for the immortal TV show.

A spokesperson explained, “Breaking Bad has become a pop culture phenomenon and not since the Joker in The Dark Knight has a villain so captured the imaginations of the media-loving world. AMC created an outstanding drama and Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul created immortal characters complete with their own catchphrases, memorable costumes and props- this has created an opportunity like no other for costume fans to thrill their friends with Breaking Bad costumes available exclusively from Heisenberg Hat, and make it a Halloween to remember.”

About Heisenberg Hat
Heisenberg Hat is now offering costumes and merchandise for some of the favorite characters from the hit AMC TV series "Breaking Bad". By visiting the site, users can gain access to Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Skyler White costumes and more. The site also includes Breaking Bad Merchandise, including bobbleheads, posters, DVD's, pint glasses, and more. For more information, please visit: .