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"Hell Comes to Hollywood" in Movie-Themed Horror Anthology from Big Time Books


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- Vampiric producers, ghostly actors, psychotic limousine drivers, murderous stunt men and more haunt the streets and back lots of Hollywood in Big Time Books’ debut anthology “Hell Comes To Hollywood”, a horror fiction/horror movie mashup book featuring twenty original horror and suspense stories set in the heart of show business, and written by movie and television professionals.

A screenwriter pays a ghastly price for inspiration—and begs for more… A director looking for fresh-faced talent finds more than he bargained for… A legendary diva will sacrifice anything for fame and glory… A TV personality discovers the twisted truth behind his co-star’s impossible celebrity scoops… A bizarre film by an unknown writer brings bloody chaos to everyone who screens it… A mail-room clerk finds out just what kind of guts it takes to become a top talent agent… These and many other stories will take readers on a blood-soaked trip through nightmare versions of Tinseltown.

Authors include writer/producer Joseph Dougherty (“Cast a Deadly Spell”, “Pretty Little Liars”), writer/director C. Courtney Joyner (“Puppet Master” series, “Trancers” series, “The Offspring”, “Prison”), writer Brian Domonic Muir (“Critters”), writer Shane Bitterling (“Beneath Loch Ness”, “Red Rain”), writer/producer Paul J. Salamoff (“The Dead Hate The Living”, “The St. Francisville Experiment”) and more. Featuring cover art by horror director and storyboard artist Drew Pierce (“Deadheads”), “Hell Comes To Hollywood” will shock, scare and entertain horror film and fiction fans alike.

The book is available in Trade Paperback format (6”x9”, $14.99) through Amazon, and e-book versions for Amazon Kindle E-Book, Barnes & Noble Nook E-Book, and Kobo and other platforms.

About Big Time Books
Big Time Books was founded in 2011 by motion picture veteran Eric Miller, who has logged over 20 years in the horror trade as a screenwriter (“Ice Spiders”, “Mask Maker”, “The Shadow Men”, “Night Skies”, “Swamp Shark”), Producer (“2001 Maniacs”, “Knifepoint”, “The Thirst” and more) and production/development executive (Eli Roth, Scott Spiegel and Boaz Yakin’s “Raw Nerve” horror film company).

Big Time Books is an outlet for hard-edged genre fiction, with a focus on horror and science-fiction. They will focus on works by Hollywood screenwriters and other talented authors that are looking for a new outlet for exciting stories.