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Hella Classics Announces Free Hip Hop Beat Download Event

Free beats give new customers a chance to sample the company's library of hip hop beats, reports Hella Classics


Sheffield, South Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- Hella Classics, a supplier of hip hop beats and instrumentals, has announced a one-time event to raise awareness of its brand and offerings. During this time, visitors to its site at http://www.hellaclassics.com/ can get a free beat with full leasing rights for use on a mixtape, single, or album. This is a great way for new users to sample something from the Hella Classics library without any risk at all. All that is needed is for visitors to sign up to the site's email list to be informed of the company's latest offerings and specials.

"Even though we've always had a free download section, those beats have limited-use licenses and tags that reserve them for free use, such as for education, freely-distributed mixtapes, and similar products. The beat that comes with the email signup, on the other hand, has no restrictions so that it doesn't matter whether the end product is free or not," explained a representative of Hella Classics. "This is a great way for serious musicians to get introduced to a better part of our library."

It goes without saying that an active musician will want more than one beat. Therefore, Hella Classics offers several licensing levels to cater to their needs. Buying any license removes the tags from the chosen beats. Moving up to the Premium or Exclusive levels also gives the buyer or associated mixing engineer more control over the tracks, including the ability to extract track outs - stem files that have individual elements of the beat such as drums or instrumentals.

When beats are purchased, they are emailed to the recipient in the form of a download link. A PDF file will also be emailed, and this contains the licensing agreement. This method makes it easy for buyers to get their beats in a hurry so that they can get on with incorporating them into their music.

"Our licenses aren't just good for making recordings," Hella Classics noted. "Our licenses also cover live, for-profit performance. When performance is intended, the buyer should select a license that will cover the expected amount of income. We offer licenses ranging from small performances with under $1,000 of expected income all the way up to unlimited income."

Thanks to companies like Hella Classics, it is easy for everyone to legally get the beats they're looking for in a fast and convenient way. Visiting http://www.hellaclassics.com/ will take musicians to the company's information page, and from there, the store is just a click away. This method definitely beats copying from old records and other such tactics because the resulting beats are clean, crisp, and free of legal burdens.

About Hella Classics
Hella Classics is a source of a huge range of hip hop beats for both amateur and professional rappers and other musicians. It makes the process of selecting beats and accompanying licenses fast and easy. Those who need beats for non-profit use are also able to use the free library, which provides tagged music to customers.