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Hellbounce: First Volume of 'The ARC Chronicles' Takes Readers to Hell and Back, as Author Matthew W. Harrill Is Hailed "Next Stephen King"

‘Hellbounce’ dives into the dark corners of the human condition and breaks all literary boundaries, as one prison hospital psychologist gets closer to demons than she ever thought possible. The book’s unique melding of reality and madness is keeping readers’ lights on well into the night, with rave reviews positioning author Matthew W. Harrill as a literary force to be reckoned with.


Bristol, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- While most authors use their debut release to simply test the literary waters, British author Matthew W Harrill is rapidly proving that a first novel is also an opportunity to a rival a genre’s bestsellers. Boasting an intricate narrative that thrusts readers from normality to the confusing world of evil, Harrill has stormed the scene with gusto.

‘Hellbounce’ is volume one of ‘The ARC Chronicles’, which ignores convention to give readers a stark and bold showcase of evil in the human condition. Harrill’s audience is quickly having to accept that one’s own demons rarely hide in the dark.


As a psychologist in a prison hospital, Eva Ross had always dealt with her share of sinners. The corrupt, the insane, their minds were all hers to unlock. But when those around her, those she trusted with her life start to exhibit the same characteristics, she is forced to turn to a stranger, a man whose name she is incapable of even remembering, for sanctuary.

Follow Eva as she crosses continents to unlock the answers, and her eventual destiny.

“Here’s the thing; I can either write a ‘same-old’ novel like everyone else, or throw the author rule book out of the window and do things my way. I clearly opted for the latter,” explains Harrill. “It’s a tough world out there for new authors, and playing by the rules doesn’t get you anywhere. Yes my narrative is unconventional, yes it is possibly a little too adventurous for a first-time author – but it is now destined for greatness.”

Continuing, “Reader feedback has been so positive that I was able to release volume two earlier than planned, due to demand. This is every authors’ dream!”

Harrill isn’t exaggerating; the book has achieved critical acclaim. For example, C. Stephan comments, “Hold on to your seats and take a ride to hell and back. This book takes you on a quite extraordinary ride all around the globe and right to the gates of hell. If you desire to know why fallen angels and the like are trying to escape, I urge you to read the book. This is not your mainstream, run of the mill story about evil and the fight for earth.”

Rebecca J. Cartee adds, “I will be honest, I had never, ever read this genre before. And I wasn't sure just what to expect. It hooks you in from the beginning and it simply doesn't let go. I loved it and even if, sometimes, I wanted to cover my eyes, I am glad I didn't and you shouldn't either. This author knows how to weave an intricate, spell-binding journey and he happily invites the reader along with him.”

P. Palmer was left crying out for more. She writes, “Somewhere along the line, the characters went from 'just believable' to 'downright real,' and so did the story. And I care about what happens next. Strike that. I NEED to know what happens next. Sigh. So I sit and wait for the sequel, feeling just a little bit brainwashed. But in a good way.”

‘Hellbounce: The ARC Chronicles Part 1’, from Heart Powered Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1lsmx13.

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About Matthew W Harrill
Matthew W Harrill lives in the idyllic South-West of England, nestled snugly in a village in the foothills of the Cotswolds. Born in 1976, he attended school in Bristol and received a degree in Geology from Southampton University. By day he plies his trade implementing shareplans for Xerox. He writes during lunch hours and on the bus. Harrill is married with four children.