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HellGateServer.com Launch Brings First Independent Diablo 3 Server to Gamers With Free Access


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2012 -- Gamers are flocking to HellgateServer.com to experience the first independent Diablo 3 Server, which is currently available for 100-percent free access during its beta test period. The Hell Gate Server manages the entire game and allows full single-mode and cooperative gameplay and interaction with full support, regular updates and more.

With the return to the world of dark fantasy known as Sanctuary, new and old characters wage epic battles against the forces of the underworld in Diablo lll. Released in May of 2012, thousands of players have paid the price to log onto the official server to fully interact with the new world. Now, thousands more gamers have the opportunity to fully experience this new adventure as HellgateServer.com launches the first independent Diablo 3 server.

“The Hell Gate Server development team is made up of hackers, programmers and gamers that know what other gamers expect and need in an independent Diablo lll Server,” said a HellgateServer.com developer. “Our goal was to create a fully functioning, high-performing server that was fully mode on the server side, and provide free access to everyone during the beta period.”

With the new Diablo III server, gamer characters can be stored on PvPGN just like the official Battle.net. The new independent server allows full gameplay with the ability to attain maximum character levels. Gamers can also play with other players on the Hell Gate Public Server, trade and change items as well as check statistics online using the friendly Hell Gate User Panel. The new public server does not allow any kind of cheating so it is designed to make hacks and trainers very easy to detect.

Gamers have access to a dedicated full support team that is constantly making updates to the server to enhance and maintain superior performance. The Diablo 3 server setup is simple and straightforward with a downloadable Windows and Mac version. “During our own beta testing phase, we have kept the server 100-percent free for users so that everyone can engage in gameplay and help us make this the best independent server available,” said the developer team member. For more information, please visit http://hellgateserver.com/

About HellgateServer.com
Launched in January of 2012, Hell Gate Server brings the first independent Diablo 3 server to the online gaming world. The independent server was developed for gamers by a group of programmers and gamers. While in its current beta testing phase, the server is 100-percent free for users with the intended goal of allowing access to everyone.