Help Find My Pet Launches to Offer Pet Owners Advertising Solutions for Missing Animals

Help Find My Pet is delighted to announce the launch of their brand new revolutionary packages of services for owners of missing pets. Using a combination of 21st century social media marketing and old fashioned flyer design and printing, they will help pet owners get their lost pets back where they belong.


Ayr, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 -- Help Find My Pet is a new company that has evolved from being a web consulting business into an organisation completely dedicated to helping pet owners recover their lost pets. Using social media marketing, flyer design, printing and telephoning vets and charities, Help Find My Pet have transferred many of the skills used very successfully for small business marketing to helping pet owners get their lost pet message to as many people as possible.

“Help Find My Pet was born after a real eureka moment for me”, stated Chris Allan, founder of Help Find My Pet. “I was running a successful web consultancy from home, helping small businesses get their message across to local customers when, all of a sudden, my pet cat vanished into thin air! I had let her out as normal first thing in the morning and she normally comes home about mid-morning to try and steal my cereal. This day however, she did not come home at all and by the following morning, I knew there was a problem. This prompted me into action by calling all the local shelters, my vet and Cats Protection. Working from home obviously helped in this regard as it would have been very difficult to do had I been working for someone in an office. After spending the day looking for her to no avail, I started to create a social media campaign similar to what my company would do for local businesses, targeting everyone within a ten mile radius of where she went missing. I also designed some posters and flyers to distribute around the neighbourhood. It was then it hit me, I could help others in the same situation!” Help Find My Pet was born at that moment. Instead of helping small businesses get customers, Chris decided to turn his hand to helping ordinary people get their lost pets back where they belong. 91% of pet owners in the United Kingdom consider their pet as an equal part of the family so, when they go missing, it can have a devastating effect.

Help Find My Pet offer a number of different packages to suit whatever budget or requirement the pet owner may have. These packages include: Social Media packages where they will create a viral social media campaign using both paid advertising and natural sharing methods. Even the smallest of these packages has been proven to reach thousands of people in the area where the pet was lost. There is also the good old fashioned Flyers and Posters package where Help Find My pet will design, print and post by next day delivery a bundle of flyers and/or posters to distribute in the neighbourhood. They also offer “Peace of Mind” packages where they will combine social media, flyers and will also call the relevant authorities including vets and animal charities on the pet owners’ behalf.

“We ordered a social media package from Help Find My Pet after Tiger went missing”, said Mrs Rankin from Doncaster. “Within three days, somebody contacted us after seeing his picture on Facebook. It really was such a relief, especially for our young daughters who are totally devoted to him.”

Pet owners, veterinarians or other animal related organisations that would like to find out more about Help Find My Pet’s missing pet services or possible partnership agreements should call on 0844 500 2785 or visit

About Help Find My Pet
Help Find My Pet is a missing pet advertising company based near Ayr in Scotland. They specialise in social media campaigns and print services for lost pets. Although they operate in Scotland, the streamlined process means that they can help all UK pet owners and create social media campaigns for anyone in the world who has a missing pet.

Contact Info:
Chris Allan
0844 500 2785