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Help for Heating Homes Will Plummet by 2021


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2017 -- Political party Labour's Scottish deputy leader has predicted that payments supplied to pensioners to heat their homes is said to plummet in the next 4 years, falling considerably lower in value by 2021.

Following research, it has been found that the Winter fuel payments for pensioners has remained to be £200 since the year 2007, which clearly has not risen despite inflation in the last few years. If the same trend follows for the next four years, a prediction which is looking increasingly likely, by 2021 the Winter fuel allowance will have fallen in value by 10%. Whilst this may sound like a small amount to be lost, pensioners are the main group of people who receive this allowance, and it is clear to see how this amount of lost value could have a considerable negative impact on elderly people, who are more susceptible to illness and the cold weather.

This along with the prediction that energy bills are set to rise after following Brexit makes for a worrying future for pensioners who are already struggling to pay their heating bills. In recent year, the Winter death toll has reached 40,000. These figures are clearly terribly tragic, and it has been suggested that more should be done to protect vulnerable elderly people who are struggling to pay their fuel costs, and suffering because of it.

This research suggests that home improvements should be undertaken as soon as possible to ensure that homes are suitably insulated and all precautions are taken for the energy bills accumulated to be as low as possible.

It has been suggested that roofing insulation and wall insulation are a must-have. One of the most modern and efficient ways to heat a home is via flooring insulation or underfloor heating. Liquid Screed Ltd is a flooring company who specialise in creating insulative flooring and underfloor heating solutions.

Although underfloor heating appears to be a larger initial investment, it helps in saving money in the long term, as the heating system will provide radiative heat as opposed to convection current which are formed by heat coming from the usual radiator system. The room temperature can also be very easily controlled when an underfloor heating system is in place.

Liquid Screed Ltd claim to have the perfect solution for keeping energy costs down in those cold Winter months. This involves using the latest innovative multilayer pipes and control systems, along with liquid screed, as the flooring surface over the heating system.

Liquid Screed is an alternative flooring solution which is perfect when combined with an underfloor heating system. This is because the liquid screed is a particularly conductive material, allowing for the heat produced from the underfloor heating system to move freely through the liquid screed and into the home. This also means that the water used to heat the room can be a significantly lower temperature to water which would usually be used for heating purposes, thus resulting in a very efficient system and lowering energy bills dramatically.

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