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Help Sought Developing the First 300 Dollar 10 GHz Bandwidth USB Sampling Oscilloscope


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- The First 300 dollar 10 GHz Bandwidth USB Sampling Oscilloscope, an alternative to more pricey oscilloscopes currently on the market, is ready to hit the online shelves niche market of electronic circuitry with the help of Kickstarter funding

Darwin Sabanovic has been playing with creating affordable high bandwidth oscilloscope hardware and PC software with USB interface since 2007. His first proto board was 1 GHZ. His design has come a long way since that first design. As the speed of circuitry continued to rise, Sabanovic has continued to revamp his design and dream of developing an affordable and readily available Bandwidth USB Sampling Oscilloscope.

One of the current problems those with electronic circuitry needs or hobbies encounter is high costs for products that are often unavailable. Oscilloscopes are useful for a variety of professions from television repair technicians to physicists. They are crucial for those interested in designing or repairing electronic equipment. The current top of the line DS 800 Sampling Oscilloscope is expensive to make and as Sabanovic states on his Kickstarter page, due to low volume production, it is mainly out of stock with a lead time of several weeks.

Sabanovic believes such products should be in stock with a price tag around 500 dollars. “After finding out about kickstarter projects, I have designed and built a proto of even lower cost, small footprint oscilloscope, while keeping the key performance intact,” Sabanovic says. He has designed a 10 GHz Bandwidth USB Sampling Oscilloscope that will cost 300 dollars. His Kickstarter project has two key goals: First, build at least 500 units in order to offer an affordable product; secondly he hopes to use Kickstarter funds to build momentum for the project.

Sabanovic plans to use a contract manufacturer based in USA to produce and inspect the boards. The majority of components will come from qualified suppliers like Digi Key and Mouser. Potential contributors can donate from 15 to 600 dollars and receive perks such as a variety of accessories designed specifically for the scope. For example a 150 dollar contribution receives the following as a reward: Scope 2 channels, 2 GHz minimum bandwidth, DC coupled, 4Vpp maximum voltage input, +/-2 VDC input range. No cables, No power adapter.

About 10 GHz Bandwidth USB Sampling Oscilloscope
The 10 GHz Bandwidth USB Sampling Oscilloscope is designed to be an affordable but high speed scope that will be readily available on the electronic circuitry market. The scope will use quality components from well-known suppliers. For more information, visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1855991221/10-ghz-usb-oscilloscope