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Help Support the Elisabeth Lenes Memorial Scholarship Fund

This is a great way for you to help the deserving kids at the Plains High School in Montana get a school year in Norway.


Harstad, Norway -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- Elisabeth Lenes was a beautiful and talented young woman who was tragically taken from her family far too soon. She loved traveling and wanted to see the world. Originally from Harstad, Norway, Elisabeth decided that she wanted to take part in the foreign exchange student program and visit the United States. Her journey began in Plains, Montana where she stayed with her host family Matt and Dana Diehl. Though she had studied media and communications in her home country, she was studying English and among other things.

During her stay in the States, Elisabeth got to experience a little bit of Americana. She tried her first cheeseburger and saw some of the local sites. Ms. Lenes made many friends in this local community, all of which mourn her loss.

Elisabeth died in a freak snowmobile accident. She was riding a single riding snowboard near her temporary residence on Buffalo Bill Road. The accident happened around 8:30am on November 21st 2011. Elisabeth died on the way to the hospital at the young age of 17. Large numbers of students and school staff had left messages on her Facebook page showing just how loved she was even though she was so far from home. In order to keep her name alive, some of her family members have started a scholarship fund in her name. The Elisabeth Lenes Memorial Scholarship is designed to help students with the same passion for traveling that Elisabeth had afford to do so.

The proceeds of this campaign will be going to the Elisabeth Lenes Memorial Scholarship fund at Plains High School, MT. They raised money to help a few students from the Plains High School stay in Elisabeth's home town of Harstad, Norway. This was their way of showing appreciation for the wonderful experience the people of Plains shared with their daughter in her last days on Earth. This charity came to an end in late 2013 and now they are looking to do even more.

All money donated to the Elisabeth Lenes Memorial Scholarship Fund will be going to the Elisabeth Lenes Memorial Scholarship fund at Plains High School, MT were it will be used to help other children and young adults travel the world. These funds are used to pay for airfare and lodging. The goal is to let as many kids as possible know the joy that Elisabeth felt when she was able to travel to a different country and see the world. Those of you who are interested in learning more about the students who have already benefited from this charity can visit the official Elisabeth Lenes Memorial Scholarship website right here. As you can see, a little charity can make a huge difference in the life of others.

About the Elisabeth Lenes Memorial Scholarship Fund
As we mentioned before, the Elisabeth Lenes Memorial Scholarship Fund has teamed up with various other charitable organizations to help send students to Norway in the foreign exchange program. Many companies have already agreed to help, such as, Frequent Traveler Education Foundation and American Airlines. Those of you who would like to help these kids see the world can get more info on the charity's Indiegogo page.

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