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Philip Smith is now an SEO consultant for SEO companies in Long Island.


Hauppauge, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Dominating Google is something a website can achieve if it uses proper SEO techniques. The real issue is in choosing an effective SEO technique, as different SEO providers vouch for different SEO techniques. According to Philip Smith, an experienced Internet Marketing strategist, SEO is actually a long term strategy for a legit company. As written in his blogs, Philip emphasizes that there is no need for using black hat techniques or sneaky workarounds against the TOS of Google to dominate the search engine.

With his years of experience, Philip Smith has been a consultant for many SEO Companies in Long Island and other regions of New York. “Being able to dominate Google is only getting harder” says the strategist, adding that for the past couple of years, he had been training an SEO Company Long Island with a goal of increasing revenue. Long Island SEO companies sometimes make mistakes which they believe would increase their revenue. Some of the common mistakes of SEO Company, Long Island are hiring SEO service providers, believing that revenue will increase if more content is generated, putting too much faith in social media promotion etc.

The blog explains in detail about the significance of SEO, the mistakes of overestimating SEO and how to effectively increase revenue using SEO. Experienced in Internet Marketing, Business development, Monetizing websites and driving traffic, Traffic generation and performance based marketing, Philip Smith promises that he can use his knowledge in determining efficient SEO and increased revenue generation techniques for companies. “Each article in a website ranks on search engines for the optimized keywords in it, and this means the website should be optimized as well although it will take some time” says the blogger while speaking about widely used SEO techniques.

There are already quite a few Long Island SEO companies. However, companies determined on gaining more exposure and revenue need to learn a few things about SEO before blindly going for it, as it says in the blog. Both SEO companies and website owners can benefit from the information in the blog.

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Over 14 years of experience in Internet marketing and as a business executive, Philip Smith is now an SEO consultant for SEO companies in Long Island. He is specialized in providing SEO/SEM services, business development, traffic generation and lead generation services.

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