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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Many people these days suffer from having heart burn and reflux. While it is true that the health issue is common, it is important for people to have it treated as soon as possible since it can be immensely discomforting. According to statistics, as much as twenty percent of people experience heart burn around every week in the US. Treating heart burn and acid reflux can sometimes be a complex process but if people manage to find some simple and natural home remedies, it can surely make a world of a difference.

The first step in the treatment is to recognize the symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn. At this stage, the burning and irritation won’t be as much but it is expected to increase within some time. Basically, heart burn is not exactly connected to the heart itself since it occurs in the area that is known as esophagus. It is located below the breast bone and quite near to the heart. When ‘heartburn’ occurs, it does so in this area and continues until a person starts to feel uncomfortable. Curing Gerd is important as it can become quite a huge health issue in the long run.

The major causes of heart burn include hernia, high pressure on abdomen and consuming the wrong kind of food and beverages. Consuming foods that are high in fat increases the chances of heartburn and on the other hand, cigarette smokers also tend to face this issue. Visiting is very important for people who are finding natural and easy ways to get rid of this health problem in a short period of time. Heartburn No More is a five step holistic system which has been specifically created for the purpose of helping people who are suffering from heartburn and acid reflux.

Available on sale currently, now is the chance for individuals to try it out through its official website for good. On the other hand, the best way for treating heartburn at home includes eating measured amounts of food. This eventually enables a person to lose weight which is what decreases heartburn in the future. Drinking and smoking should also be reduced as it has known to immediately put a stop to acid reflux. However, in the process of treating Gerd, people are highly recommended to visit a doctor at the earliest convenience.

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