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HelpYourCareer.Org Announces Ten Things Never to Say in a Job Interview

From ‘I’m down with that’ to ‘Whatever’ – HelpYourCareer.Org shares ten phrases that will get any job applicant’s foot out of the door and back to the drawing board.


Minooka, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- With the post-recession job market making interviews scarcer, the phrases used by applicants have never been under more scrutiny. Wanting to produce a nation of smooth-talking high-flyers, HelpYourCarrer.Org today releases a list of ‘Ten things never to say in an interview’.

Presented on the website as a visually-stunning infographic, the list contains words and phrases that any candidate can use to bomb their job interview with style.

Examples include ‘That’s a good question’ (Really? Because the interviewer probably was wondering if it was) and ‘Awesome’ (80s flashbacks are not good!).

“With the job market still struggling to recover from the economic crash, candidates have never been under more pressure to watch what they say during interviews. Our infographic is funny, yet deadly serious,” says Lani Lugar, who handles the website’s marketing.

HelpYourCareer.Org exists as a rich source of authoritative information for those who are looking for their first job, as well as those looking for a change of scenery. With content written by some of North America’s most respected career experts, the site is helping thousands to find and excel in their dream job.

Infographics feature heavily throughout the website. For example, the site has recently announced a new Salary Calculator Site Rankings visual.

“Many sites contain tools that claim to help people calculate the salary of their chosen profession. Our new infographic gives an easy to read critique of which sites are most useful and worth checking out,” Lugar adds.

The salary calculator visual has been hugely popular, experiencing the same success as their ‘Five Reasons to Think about Changing Jobs’ infographic.

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Exclusive information and updates are available via HelpYourCareer.Org’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as their YouTube channel and RSS feed.

“Our ultimate goal is to allow people to get the most current perspectives on topics ranging from what job opportunities could be most relevant to their long term career right through to the current buzz around career search ideas, as well as encouraging users to share their thoughts and ideas with those who may be looking to switch jobs,” Lugar concludes.

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