Hendrikka Waage

Hendrikka Waage Creates Timeless Jewellery with a Strong Icelandic Influence


Virginia Water, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2019 -- Hendrikka Waage, Iceland's first international jewellery designer, designs and offers a luxurious and exquisite collection of jewellery, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, with a strong Icelandic influence. Designed for the sophisticated, elegant, and modern women, her jewellery collection has both timeless and alluring designs in sterling silver with zirconia stones and gold with precious stones. Hendrikka Waage's jewellery pieces are highly distinctive and opulent, drawing inspiration from nature and exotic world cultures, including her own Icelandic heritage. Her jewellery collection embodies a sensual elegance as well as an intellectual fascination that attracts sophisticated clientele around the world.

Growing up in Reykjavik, Hendrikka Waage was always inspired by the Icelandic countryside and the natural beauty of the diverse landscape. Her jewellery designs are influenced by some of the countries where she has lived and worked, including Iceland, Russia, Japan and the USA. With her unique and opulent fashion sense, her pieces have grown in popularity worldwide, as well as allowing her to take on individual commissions for private individuals and organisations.

Hendrikka Waage explained her vision behind many of her collections, "My jewellery collections share the common value of being both glamorous and affordable. Designed for the elegant and modern woman, my jewellery collections have received extensive positive press coverage in all the major fashion and lifestyle magazines in the UK including Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Hello and others."

Hendrikka Waage is leading the way for Icelandic women in the fashion jewellery. She has travelled across a number of continents and lived and worked in Japan, India, Russia and the USA, which has given her a valuable insight into different cultures and inspirations which have then gone on to form her latest jewellery items. She has received recognition for her number of her unique, Icelandic-inspired jewellery pieces, including one of her cocktail rings being voted as one of the best cocktail rings in the Uk by The Times.

About Hendrikka Waage
Hendrikka Waage is an Icelandic jewellery designer who lives and works in London. The Hendrikka Waage brand is sold internationally and is created in her own inimitable style, combining the raw and opulent nature of her native Iceland. Other influences within her jewellery designs have come from the countries Hendrikka Waage has lived and worked in, including countries with deep cultural history such as Russia and Japan.

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