Henrico Virginia Family Lawyers Say Divorce Cases Remain High


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- Henrico, Virginia family lawyers say that the number of divorce cases remains high in the county much like in Charleston in West Virginia which is considered a top divorce capital in the U.S.

Huffington Post recently named Charleston as one of the ‘divorce capitals’ in the United States, with income levels, education, and family history mentioned as the factors that lead to the separation of couples.

Newlyweds in the state are said to average at 25 years of age.

But Henrico, Virginia divorce lawyers add that the county is also faced with the same issues that affect families in West Virginia. Lack of economic opportunities and education are among the reasons why couples split in the county.

Huffington Post reports that Virginia also has a high rate of divorce cases. According to the media outlet, Virginia has about 9-10 divorcees for every thousand people aged 15 years old and older. Thus child custody lawyers Henrico, Virginia say that while Virginia does not have any county or city in the list of divorce capitals in the U.S., it does have a high rate of divorce as compared to other states.

Family lawyers in Henrico Virginia say that couples who are headed to divorce should enlist the services of divorce lawyers Henrico Virginia who can provide sound legal advice and a strong voice during an emotional event. They add that couples who plan to get divorced will have to make major decisions like child custody, or whether or not to put their home on the market. Attorneys who specialize in divorce in Virginia say there are also several individual issues like debt apportionment, spousal support and property division that couples will have to decide on.

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