Henry Wilkins and Barry McDaniel Seek Funding Assistance via Kickstarter for Their Upcoming Documentary "the Great Costa Rica Rip Off"

Two US Businessmen must overcome unfamiliar obstacles and shady characters in the Wild West business environment of Costa Rica.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2014 -- In July 2010, American businessmen Henry Wilkins and Barry McDaniel purchased a tract of land in the sleepy Costa Rica village of Miramar. The idea was to develop the land for lower and middle income Costa Ricans, in concert with local government since there is a shortage of housing in Costa Rica. Having survived the harshest conditions of post war Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan, Costa Rica should have been easy. What they didn't anticipate is that everything they knew would be turned upside down. Shady locals and inept government bureaucracy conspired against them. On the brink of financial disaster and investor lawsuits, they forged forward to turn the entire scenario around through hard work, honesty and also incorporated the plight of those Costa Ricans who were victims of the same type of scam.

Henry and Barry were scammed along with their investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by a man posing as an attorney, a land title owner, philanthropist, real estate broker and the originator of the Costa Rica Land Fraud Commission. None of it was true. Henry and Barry let their guard down since he was introduced to them by a US colleague and friend. They won't use the perpetrator's name quite yet as he will be soon arrested and they want to catch that part on video for the documentary.

Henry Wilkins a former cop and used to building criminal cases. They have documented everything, including places, dates and times and people and put a bow around a mound of facts and presented it to a prosecutor in Puntarenas. The investigation is about to come to a conclusion and they have been promised a swift arrest and prosecution of the perpetrator. Henry and Barry have friends in the movie production business that have done many films before and they have solicited their help in putting together this documentary. Henry and Barry want to chronicle (in 30 days) on film every step they had to go through to get where they are now - uncovering the dark side of doing business in Costa Rica.

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