Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE) - Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast- 2027

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2018 -- DelveInsight has announced the addition of the "Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE) - Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast- 2027" drug pipelines to their offering.

The report provides an overview of the disease and market size of HE for the seven major markets i.e., United States, EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) and Japan. The Report covers the overview, treatment practice and forecasted epidemiology of HE from 2018 to 2027 segmented by seven major markets.

Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE), sometimes referred to as portosystemic encephalopathy or PSE, is a condition that causes temporary worsening of brain function in people with an advanced liver disease. It occurs in individuals with liver disease when toxins that are normally cleared in the liver accumulate in the blood eventually travelling to and damaging the brain. The condition can decrease mental function and cause stupor and even coma.

Hepatic Encephalopathy is an extremely common complication of liver disease and occurs in approximately 30–45% of patients with cirrhosis and 10–50% of patients with a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt, while minimal hepatic encephalopathy affects approximately 20–60% of patients with liver disease. Another study indicated that the Overt HE will occur in 30%-40% of those with cirrhosis at some time during their clinical course and in the survivors in most cases repeatedly. Minimal HE (MHE) or covert HE (CHE) occurs in 20%-80% of patients with cirrhosis.

Geography Covered

1. The United States
2. EU5 (Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom)
3. Japan

Study Period: 2016-2027

Drug Companies

1. Synlogic
2. Mallinckrodt
3. Aska Pharmaceuticals
4. Wockhardt
And many others

Drugs covered

1. SYNB-1020
2. MNK6106
And many others

Report Scope

The report covers the descriptive overview of Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE) explaining its pathophysiology, disease classification, diagnostic approaches and treatment algorithm. The report provides insight into the epidemiology of the disease and its treatment in the 7 MM covering the United States, EU5 (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK) and Japan. The report is a comprehensive account of both the current and emerging therapies covering the impact of the new therapies on the current treatment landscape. The report also reviews the detailed historical and forecasted Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE) market size covering the drug outreach in 7MM. The report provides an understanding of the future competition in Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE) by reviewing the market drivers and barriers.